currents: september edition

Sep 6, 2012

DATE // 09.06.12

WATCHING // switching between MTV VMAs, Four Weddings, & DNC 2012

READING // The Emotionally Intelligent Manager - school has begun

LISTENING // Taylor Swift - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (LIVE!)

EATING // chocolate chocolate chip ice cream

DRINKING // water :)

ENJOYING // school starting again

THINKING // how much work I have to do for class

LOVING // Bethlehem VegFest this weekend

WONDERING // if we will go to DC VegFest on the 22nd

CREATING // Project Life Week 34 & 35

WANTING // Kelly Purkey stamps from SimonSayStamps


  1. So great that you're enjoying school. Hope it's a great semester for you.
    Ronnie xo

    1. I say that now but who knows what I will be thinking in a few weeks when everything gets busier haha

  2. OHHH you do this on your blog too! I like reading currents too, and I like filling them out ! I blame Myspace survey's from back in the day ;) I'll have to read up on what VegFest is


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