currently: march edition

Mar 24, 2014

disliking the cold weather and possibility of snow tomorrow

wishing I was still in Florida's sunny weather

nervous about my exam, since I didn't study (oops)

happy to have spent 4 days with B

planning his birthday weekend and present package

excited about my new couch being delivered on Sunday!

disappointed the Expedit 2x8 shelf wasn't in stock, I need somewhere for my crafts, darnit

procrastinating on Project Life more and more

eating healthier because I've been terrible this month

drinking more water and soy chai lattes

needing to put together my gallery wall

watching The Blacklist, new episode tonight

listening to the hum of my space heater

catching up on all my regularly read blogs, I'm so behind

searching for new vegan recipes to try

counting down the days until B comes to visit [11 days!]

keeping up with 100 happy days, 26 days in so far

100 happy days // 1

Mar 13, 2014

Surfing the Internet, I found this idea about 100 happy days and I loved it. It was something that just drew me in because I try, I try so hard to just appreciate the little things of today. It is exactly why I loved Project Life so much.

Do you have time to be happy?
Can you take 2 minutes out of your day to snap a picture?
Will it change your life?
In the end, will it make you realize the little things?
Or, will you forget?
And say you just don't have time for this?
Really, we don't have time to be happy?

So join me, and the rest of the people hopping on the bandwagon of 100 happy days. See if you can really complete the challenge. It says 71% of people fail. I'm going to try my hardest to be in the 29%. I started on February 27th.

This is what I've gotten so far..

You can follow me on Instagram or look for my #100happydoods to follow the progress.
I'm pretty sure one of those pictures is the wrong one for the day but oh well. I still took a picture for that day! Some are from my snippets post as well.

Join in and see if you can accomplish it :)

friday faves | 04

Mar 7, 2014

Let's go with some music on this fine, fine Friday.

    01 // The 1975 - The City; came on my SiriusXM radio one day and I just loved it. Well, it was a song called Chocolate but when I started listening to them more, this one just got me 
    02 // Sleeping At Last - Turning Page; Twlight, you got me. 
    03 // Hunter Hayes - I Want Crazy; I am not a die-hard country music fan, but I do love me some HH 
    04 // Idina Menzel - Let It Go; my love for her was started during RENT, after I saw Frozen I loved it, when I found out it was her, I loved it even more 
    05 // Martin Garrix - Animals; yes, the house/EDM music gets me pumped at certain times and at the moment, this one is my favorite Enjoy some new tunes for this weekend. What's on your playlist right now?

My taste in music is an ever changing mix with my mood.


Mar 6, 2014

           •   I love Skype dates with B, he knows how to really make me laugh with that mouse
              Catch-up dinner with girlfriends, yes please
           •   Best snuggle partner award goes to a shaggy pup
           •   These boots have been glued to my feet, I love
              NYC Vegetarian Food Festival 2014
           •   Fresh ground, drip-in-front-of-you coffee - I love NYC
           •   Getting back into the baking life
           •   Starbucks soy chai lattes before classes
           •   A somewhat failed attempt at the no-bake truffle


Side note: Through blogs I have been reading I found this snippets idea from Manda Townsend. I love the idea of small portions of your life through pictures. As much as I have a love/hate relationship with technology today, I love having a camera at-the-ready whenever I need it. I love my big camera and I know I need to work on using it more, but until then... here are snippets of my life through the lens of my iPhone.

getting out

Mar 2, 2014

Lately, I have been stuck in a rut.
Stuck in life, trying to figure out what I really want to do with my life and all things in the future..

As I get older, because I'm creeping up on 27 in a few months, I feel like a part of me needs to really focus on what I want. What do I want to do? What is going to make me happy? What am I trying to achieve? All questions I have no answers to. I am in school for my second Masters and I still can not truly pin point what to do afterwards. Finding a job is not as easy as I had hoped and it blows.

Getting comfortable at my current job is just not an option anymore, especially considering I don't want to be in this field anymore. Science is not for me. I need to find something different and not in the northeast. I am so sick of the snow and the cold.. so sick of it. I want to live in the warmth and by the beach; I know that for sure.

Am I supposed to know what I want to do now?
By 27, you're supposed to know right? I need to focus on my future and I need to focus on getting out of my creative rut. My energy levels have decreased dramatically, I still continue to blame the frigid cold weather. I also think I need a place to do my creative endeavors and my apartment hasn't accommodated for that, not yet anyways.

March is my month to turn things around. Search for jobs, work on my creative outlet, get more things in order. This year has been a struggle, I need to get up and get on it. Let's go March, I'm ready for you.

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