currents: september edition

Sep 25, 2013

embracing the chilly weather, hello Fall (;

waiting for my hairpin legs to come in

anxious about the bills coming in; help!

exercising with Fifa on our daily 1-3 mile walks

trying to come up with a cheap Halloween costume

excited for P's visit in less than two weeks

thinking about applying for the MBA program

eating the apples me and Ry picked with some dark chocolate peanut butter

drinking my usual Starbucks soy caramel iced coffee

organizing the planner with bills, vacations, and football games

so happy I stayed for the whole RU vs. Arkansas game; best game I've seen

anticipating the comeback of Parenthood on Thursday

getting my nails done in Fall colors; love it

rereading The Omnivore's Dilemna by Michael Pollan

wondering why people keep questioning my vegetarianism so much lately

listening to New Found Glory's Pandora station

learning from the past

but loving how 2013 has turned out for me so far, I was totally ready for it

today is a good day

Sep 24, 2013

I posted this picture Friday on my Instagram because it was exactly what I was thinking.
There had been so much negativity floating around that day and I decided, no, today is going to be a good day. So I went outside for my break, I sat on a bench in the sun, and I let everything bad go away.

Negativity isn't my thing.
I really try to be positive and after this past year; I think I've turned everything around in a good way. My life is falling into a place I am comfortable with and it makes me smile, a lot. I can not begin to explain how much I love and appreciate my support system. I am surrounded by people who care for me and I love reciprocating the feelings.

So stay positive.
Enjoy your surroundings and take in the beauty of this life we live. Don't waste your time on stupid things (I love this print).
Look at your life and say today is a good day; and make it one.

social butterfly

Sep 17, 2013

To say I have been busy would be an understatement to my social life.
The past two weekends have been dedicated to RU tailgating. This weekend? Another tailgate! The schedule has put three home games in a row but then nothing for about a month so then I can relax.

What have I been up to?
Well, let me count the ways..
   + moved into my new apartment earlier this month
   + slacked off on job hunting
   + crazy busy at work
   + started hanging out with a new boy [shhh]
   + continuing to decorate my apartment
   + walking the dog and exercising more and more

Now those are only a few things. 
My life has been treating me well and when I look back on this past year I smile so much. A few friends came to visit last night and the subject of SP was brought up. They asked if I had spoken to him lately, I have not. We both moved on, he found someone else from what I hear, and I am okay with that. I think he may have met this girl while we were still together but that is neither here nor there. He's been mentioned in conversation with SB [new guy] because, well, he knew the both of us. Let's not jump to conclusions on the new guy though, it is not serious; we enjoy the company of one another and for right now, I am happy with that.

SP? Who knows? 
That chapter in my life is done and gone. It was a lesson learned: don't lose yourself in someone else, because I think I did. He was, by no means, a bad boyfriend; he was an excellent boyfriend, it just ended poorly - on his part. The way it was done was not okay, but it's life. I know what I am looking for, I know what I want, and I know that I am worth it; if someone can't see that.. his loss.

Project Life? Yes I am trying to keep up on it.
When I moved I did not bring a lot of my scrapbook stuff because I wasn't sure where I would put it. I mapped everything out, now I just need to get the rest of my things. I am excited at how it has changed throughout the year. The book is about me and my life. How much I have grown and all of the people who truly care about me and my well-being. 

I have fantastic friends.
I could not ask for better people in my life.
Right now, life is fantastic. I mean I would like a new job, but I can only blame myself for that at the moment [oops].

I hope to update more often, I am finally getting into the swing of things in my new place. 
For any readers [if there are any], thanks. I love to read blogs but I also love to write in it so if there is no one, hello self.

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