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May 15, 2016

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Sunday is for relaxing and stressing about the upcoming Monday work week. Luckily, my workweek will be short and I will be heading off to Las Vegas for a Bachelorette weekend for my sorority sister, Gabs! It is going to be beyond exciting because we are all getting back together after graduating almost five years ago. This will also be my fifth time to Vegas, woot woot!

Now what has been going on in my Internet searches:

the reason I caved for a Fitbit (upgraded to the Atlas and love it)

wedding goals, wedding goals, wedding goals
(and they're all friends, I need friends like these)

need this to keep track of birthdays

summer sandals

places like these are why I need to move to a city

can't wait to cook some recipes from a couple cooks

they also gave me great kitchen inspiration

Time for Game of Thrones!
It gives me such stress and so much excitement all at the same time. Enjoy your week everybody! From a very wise quote I saw from Instagram: May your coffee be strong, and your Monday short.

books on deck

May 14, 2016

It's been a while since I decided I wanted to go back to reading books. I love reading, it's the ambition to read that is difficult for me. Last night, I laid on my couch with my book in hand and proceeded to fall asleep with it hitting me in the face. Not ideal, but a start to the reading process right?

These are five books on the summer reading list, The Goldfinch has been on my nightstand since December and I have made it 100 pages in. It is difficult to continue reading with everything else going on in my life but I try to pick up the book as often as I can and catch up. Hopefully, it will be finished before the end of May (probably not haha).

Being Mortal - this book has been on my shelf for months, I began reading it a while back but, again, life got busy and it was put to the side. Eventually I would like to read it, it is a more serious book about real life problems but it is supposed to be good.

The Nightingale - Instagram helps me find new books to read from the peeps I follow and it is always helpful. After seeing this on Elise Blaha's feed and the great comments on how it was a great read, I wanted to give it a shot. She usually reads similar books, more like I read similar books to her.

Station Eleven - from reading the description of this book, I could see them making it into a movie in the near future. I found this from another blogger and decided I would put it in the cue of books!

All the Light We Cannot See - another on the hit list and I put this on my Nook over the summer but have not gotten to it. I started a few chapters then picked up The Goldfinch and stopped! It will be next after I finish Goldfinch because I have heard it is a fantastic book.

Have you read any of these?
Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions! I love reading books that others have already read or hear about. Word of mouth is the best.

28 favorite moments

May 6, 2016

It's my birthday (on Sunday)!

Well, my birthday month, my birthday week starts next week, next Sunday to be exact! I share it with Mother's Day this year, along with Liam. Yes, what a coincidence that we share the same birthday, we're birthday twins and I'm older. They call me cougarrr. Just kidding, two years isn't that much! I am taking a note from Elise Blaha and her birthday moments and things. She has done it for a few years now and I have read along with her and loved it, so here I am following in those footsteps to remember those moments at age 28 that I loved so much.

Here they are, the 28 best moments...

Stepping foot onto Thailand to visit my parents at 11o'clock at night and then going to ride elephants at 7am the next morning.

Taking AC on his first trip to Thailand and seeing how much he loved it and enjoyed the food. It was a moment I am sure both of us will never forget, even with the things that have happened since then. It was an amazing vacation.

Meeting baby Sofia for the first time. She is just as cute in pictures as she is in person. I was so happy to see my best friend and her adorable little baby girl.

Meeting baby Annabelle for the first time when Bree was in NJ for treatment. It was amazing to see both of them, it was under terrible circumstances but still great to see them both.

Seeing Taylor Swift for a second time and belting out her songs with 3 high school friends. She is amazing in concert and I love her, I can not wait to see her again when she comes out with a new album in two years ha!

Thanksgiving. My brother came home with Amanda, my cousins came to visit, I met my second cousin Stella (totes adorbs). It was so nice to have everyone together again and have that big dinner with all of my family.

Moving into my new apartment. My very own big girl apartment away from home and being all adult.

Starting my new job, I can not believe it has almost been one full year at my job. Time really does fly. It has had it's ups and downs but for the most part I have enjoyed learning as much as I have at the plant

Laying by my pool all summer.

Buying fresh flowers from the Farmers Market.

Tubing down the Delaware with friends in the middle of the summer.

Every single Rutgers game I went to is a moment I loved. That probably consists of at least eight moments bundled into one fantastic memory.

My parents visiting me at my new town, new apartment, even though my dad sat on the couch the entire weekend it was worth it for them to know where I live. It snowed while they were here, which I am sure they were not thrilled about since they had just gotten home from Thailand.

Liam and I's first kiss.

Watching my friend Dave get married and being with my other birthday twin John after almost 9 months of not seeing each other.

Visiting my favorite city Seattle and then falling in love with Portland.

Dressing up for the Sweetheart Ball and dancing with Liam. It was like Prom all over again.

Every compliment he gives me, he makes sure to do it everyday and it makes me giddy every single time. He is so cheesy and I love it.

Our first mini trip to NJ and Washington, DC.

Making new friends. It was hard to move away from my friends and my family (when they're home), I moved away from everything I knew and left on my own to a place that was totally unknown to me. At first, it was difficult to find a group that was similar to me, especially in my position I did not know how close I could get to some employees. I finally found that group I enjoy spending time with and hanging out doing nothing crazy but enjoying each others company.

Falling asleep to the sound of his voice singing to me.

Going to my childhood best friends wedding, it wasn't a crazy big wedding but it was so nice to see her and see how happy she is with her new husband.

Speaking of HGTV, all the moments we've spent in front of the TV watching Property Brothers, Love It or List It, and Fixer Upper. We talk about all the things we love in the houses and what we would/wouldn't want in our home.

Couples pedicure. His nervous look and thinking they were going to make his feet bleed or his embarrassment of how his feet looked was the cutest thing ever.

The Spill Canvas. TWICE. AND I GOT TO MEET THEM. I mean, it was a short meet and greet but it was amazing! I loved the concerts, it made me feel like I was in high school again and reliving those moments was pretty awesome with some of my closest girlfriends.

Visiting my friends back home. I MISS THEM, but it's like we never left and I love seeing them and always being able to catch up where we left off. My home friends are the best.

Realizing that I was thinking about buying my own house. I think I watch too much HGTV for my own good but then it makes me want a house and I can see the two of us working on it together (along with his other two haha). It gives me that warm fuzzy feeling knowing how handy he is and how well we worked together on his house. But I mean, my own home!? I could not see that happening anytime soon and now I'm saving for it. The idea of being a homeowner and being able to fix the house how I

When I realized I loved him and didn't want to be with anyone else, the moments we had been through together in the short time and knowing he was there for all of it, he put up with me and was so open with me. He is so similar in many ways and so different in others but we work, he's that missing piece I knew I wanted in another human being; he is genuine and so good to me. We have a long road ahead of us but we have each other to get through it.

see: twenty-six, twenty-five, twenty-five (again)

hello blog world

May 1, 2016

I'm back!
Or as much as I can be back I think I will be. I have missed the creative outlook of what blogging does or even a place for me to vent, talk about my life, even if no one else is listening. My time has been spent not scrapbooking, taking photographs, reading or writing blogs, but on work, making new friends, and finding new things. It was not a bad trade off but I would like to come back to this space.

The name of the blog changed. In the past two years of being away from this one, I tried to create two others and I never followed through with it and let it go. This one had been a solid foundation of what I have been through and how I have come so far, I think I was trying to forget all of those things and start over. To be honest, going back and looking through at how much I have changed over the last four years of this blog has been quite refreshing.

No more trying too hard to get followers to read, if no one reads it, well I wrote for myself anyways. This allows me to go back to taking photographs of everyday things and find the beauty in what others overlook. It allows me to share my crazy love life because honestly, I cannot seem to keep a boyfriend to save my life. It has been my decision for the most part but I am indecisive and noncommittal. But here I am, not two weeks after breaking up with one that I had met someone who I would eventually be living with, it's crazy how these things work.

This is the first of many posts, I will be back.
Let's hope I start baking and scrapbooking again too.

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