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Mar 31, 2013

I consider myself organized. Very organized.
I am a full-time graduate student taking four classes, yes four, and on top of that, I work a full-time job. I live approximately 50+ miles from my job, so a round trip consists of at least 100 miles a day. I spend about 2.5+ hours driving. And I am a dog mom to my awesome baby girl Fifa.

How do I manage?
A planner. I know technology can make this a lot easier but seriously, being able to write things down and check them off feels so good!
The colors make everything so much more fun.
This planner is amazing. I don't know what I will do when next year I won't be able to get it. Why? Well, because it's from Thailand.

Aside from this nifty planner, I do use post-its to remember what groceries to buy, the assignments I need to get done that day, and a variety of other things.

I feel so accomplished when I look back on the weeks.

How do you stay organized?

project life | january

Mar 29, 2013

January is complete.
It was seriously an amazing and terrible month all at the same time. I went to Thailand for about 3 weeks and had the time of my life only to come home to a boyfriend who blind sided me with a breakup. Now it really can not get much worse than that but as the weeks have gone on I have started to slowly pick up the pieces of my broken heart and put everything I have into school and my future. Project Life has seriously helped me look at the positives of what is going on in my life and not focus on that negativity.

Lessons. They are all lessons we learn in life. It was just another stepping stone.

Two inserts because I did so much it was hard not to add every picture I took.

Insert 1

They don't allow you to take pictures inside so the outside is all we have and that is totally fine because it's all about respect. One person designed this entire temple and the surrounding ones. It really is magical.

Insert 2
We stayed in Bangkok for about 5 days to visit family and go to a beach house (which I loved). I tanned by the pool for hours and enjoyed every minute of the sun. Although Bangkok is much hotter, walking through the markets was killing me. There were so many photos that making small collages was easier to showcase everything at once. One of my favorite things? The food. My aunt made amazing food. My breakfast meals were consistent of what I would normally have for dinner. LOVED IT.

This explains my leaving Thailand and my coming home.

Now I am not a sob story to make others feel sorry for what had happened or put any negative feelings on my ex. Things happen in life and if we can not accept them and grow from them, then what was the point? I have learned something new from every break up and this is one will be no different. I still love him and care for him but these moments happen in life. No hard feelings because I don't like to live my life in that way. If you have followed any of my previous posts on this whole ordeal, then you will see how much it hurt and how it gets better.. because it does.

But that was January. It is now March (basically April) and the sun is starting to shine and summer will soon be here. I am finishing up February and will post more soon!

same love.

Mar 26, 2013

I loved this song before all the events happening. My brother introduced it to me a few weeks ago because he loves Macklemore (before he went big). This song fits the moments. I strongly believe in equal rights.

I might not be the same, but that's not important
No freedom till we're equal, damn right I support it

currents: march edition

Mar 25, 2013

DATE // 03.25.13

WATCHING // The Voice !!

READING // articles for a group project I am working on

LISTENING // The Voice !! & my friend J while we collaborate on our project (yeah Google!)

EATING // organic gummy bears I've had from Christmas (yes they're still good)

DRINKING // water for the win

ENJOYING // these awesome gummy bears and 5 weeks left of classes!

THINKING // summer can not come soon enough

LOVING // these new TOMS wedges - yes, I already ordered them in anticipation of summer

WONDERING // when spring actually shows up

CREATING // Project Life month-to-month edition for me

WANTING // summer, vacations, moving, the future

qotm: moving on

Mar 15, 2013

This is from He's Just Not that Into You. I watched this last night and never really listened to the end of it. It is a cheesy chick flick but you find the moral when you want to; I found it. I found it in this quote. Because for me, in this moment right now, it is so true. I could not be happier with my life right now, I am sure in this instance if I were sitting on my couch watching a movie with him, instead of on my own, I would have been happy; but not in the same way. Not in the empowering way that I know I am capable of, I would have never found myself.

These lessons in life are hard, but when we learn from them they teach us more than we ever thought we needed to know.

How do you cope with being blind sided?

Is it easy to move on? Does it ever stop hurting?
Do you stop caring? Or stop thinking?

It's not easy.
And it hurts for a long time. But you learn.

You learn to deal with what has happened and you move forward.
You do not let it destroy you, but empower you to be something better.

I will never stop caring or wondering how he is because it is who I am.
I care, no matter what the circumstances because it is me. And I will not stop being me.
But one day, it will fade..
a distant memory I grew from.

For now, you fill your life with happy moments and surround yourself with people who care. Care about you and your well-being.

The happy ending is moving on.
And one day there will be another.

nyc: my first adventure alone

Mar 13, 2013


Two of my favorite items I bought from VegFest. A new book, signed by the author of Main Street Vegan. Now I will admit, no, I am not 100% vegan. I cheat, more than I should. I live a full-time/graduate student lifestyle and being out sometimes makes this difficult. I like to consider my eating habits as "I prefer to eat vegan," rather than I am vegan. I don't want to offend actual vegans. But for the most part vegan at home. And the train track pictures is my first time taking the train alone; it sounds cheesy but it was a big accomplishment for me :)


People always talk about this hotel on Instagram so when I was close to it, I had to check it out! I did the photo booth alone and love it. I don't think I will ever be ready for the first picture in photo booths. Oh well. I love the quotes they have scattered around the lobby. I met up with my friend, W, who is in this picture. I got to use his camera, I am not an expert at manual focus, as you can see. He got a coffee from the coffee shop, jealous. I still can not have coffee until the end of March.

NYC MET The highlight.
I have never been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. This is a shock to many of my friends and finally, finally I got to go! W was headed into the city so I said I would meet him and when he said he was visiting the Met I was ecstatic. We went on a tour and walked around for a few hours and it was a blast. I didn't even get to visit half of it, not even close. I had no idea how big it was but I can not wait to go back. I barely took any pictures but oh well. The ones taken were from W when we were outside the Met. He has good skills.

I love all the pictures he took of me. They are awesome.

project life 2013 | title page

Mar 12, 2013

Back in action! Sort of.
My life has been too busy with school and work to really focus all of my weekend and free time on this so I decided I would do it when I had time. I am in my last semester. SO EXCITING.

I love love love Project Life. Unfortunately, I did not finish last year. I made it up until Thanksgiving but finals got in the way and a few unfortunate events happened at the beginning of this year. I decided updating those last few weeks was not worth the trouble because I would like to keep it in the past. I do not want to pretend that what happened in the beginning of this year was okay because I was fooled by a person who I always thought would be honest with me and I refuse to look back and pretend. Now it is time to grow.

So this year. I start anew. I start with fresh pages about me. Just me. I will look back on 2012 with a smile and move forward. For the first few months I am going to do it on a monthly basis and when I finish school, I will move back into the weekly flow. I, seriously, love this and have missed it so much. I am definitely behind but here is my title page of 2013!

Title Page:

This quote is perfect for my life right now. Moving on to the next chapter in my life and loving every minute of it.

Thank you for stopping by and I can not wait to share more.

I am linking up with The Creative Mom!

march goals

Mar 2, 2013

Starting to make goals for myself.
And accomplish them.
I have been starting to work out more and do yoga. It helps me stretch and breathe. It really is amazing. I want to tone up my body for the summer, yes, I know.. I'm already skinny. It doesn't mean I can't work out though.

Vegan? I need to get back to that. I am not full-on, 100% vegan but I prefer to eat vegan. I eat mostly vegan, I would say 95% of the time. Lately, it has been much less and I want to return to it. After VegFest today (I will post about that later), I really want to get back on it.

Life is good.
I love the doors that are opening for me.

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