project life | week 4

Jan 31, 2012

Last night after class I came home and was determined to work on my Week 4. I didn't finish all of it that night but did indeed finish it after I got home from work today. I always enjoy Tuesday's because it is Project Life Tuesday and it really is fun to look at everyone's weeks. Of course, I like some more then others, but overall I look at every single post that is on TheCreativeMom. I think that if someone took the time to write about it for others to see, I will look. I may not comment, but I always look at them. The refresh button on my work computer probably hates me. The ones that I appreciate the most are people that are similar to me, in the sense that I do not have any children but still document my life with my significant others and friends.

Ever since classes have start it's been difficult to get my life into some sort of "flow." It is week 2 of classes so hopefully by next week, I will catch on. I finally received my Silhouette Cameo!! The excitement can not be withheld! Unfortunately, with being so busy with work and school I have not had much time to use it, but I did do a little for this week.

Left side:
Recipe #3. I love girl scount cookies. More Fifa pictures. Her bath, her in a box haha, and we took her to the "petting zoo" and she met the horse, whom she was not interested in whatsoever.

I used the Silhouette to cut out "week four" and foam stickers to pop up the days, the cut out is from Ormolo design.

This makes me look like an orange spray tan, but the iPhone reverse camera isn't the best. I got my hair cut last week and it will never look this good again, boo! Instead of a journaling card I used a shipping tag and some AC letters. I am horrible at date stamping.

I felt that I should take this close up because it is my Project Life scrapbook desk, it isn't anywhere close to being organized like others. I have 3 other roommates and I don't want to take up the other dining room table so I take a desk in the corner. It's all I need! There are drawers that you can't see that are filled with stickers, letters, and embellishments.

Right side:
This page protector is Design C, I just put two 3x4 sized cards in to look like Design A. I still have a few but I am trying to hold out for when they are back in stock. I am sure they will sell fast! I journaled about my mom's birthday using Ali Edwards' 4x 6 story overlays. I really like those, you can type in them on PSE or just print them out and write on them yourself.

Close up of me and my mom on her birthday. Again, I used the Silhouette Cameo to cut out the small happy birthday and attached it with a stapler. I really love using that machine and can not wait until I have more time to play with it.

Steve and I went to the Philly Auto Show after spending time with my mom. We got a free ticket from a guy while we were standing in line, he just gave it to us because he no longer needed it. We also found free street parking so we didn't have pay $29 to park for 2 hours - OBNOXIOUS!

I bought my first pair of snowboard pants! They're pink, I am not so sure how much I like about that but Steve said that it would be easier for him to find me on the bunny slopes haha. He always looks on the bright side and they were super cheap!

I had a ton of fun doing this weeks layout. It's not much different but I enjoyed finishing it up. Make sure to go to PLT and look at some others!

The Mom Creative

Supplies used:
PL Core Kit - Colbalt, Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher, Ormolo- shipping tags & bakers twine, Silhouette Cameo, AC chipboard letters, Epson Photo Paper, Bic Mark-It, Fiskar corner rounder (I wouldn't recommend though), date stamp

cars and cakes.

Jan 30, 2012

As for the pictures of cars, I don't see myself posting anything. Why? Because taking a 50mm f1.8 lens is NOT a good idea when there are crowds of people walking around and you have to stand 100 ft away from the car (a little exaggeration). So unfortunately, I was unable to snap any good photos. Although, I did  take one picture of a car that I fell in love with- the new 2012 VW Jetta, white. Not just any white, the most beautiful white shiny car ever. Steve would remember what model it was but I do remember that it was the most expensive one. A new car for me won't happen for a long time considering I have only had my car less then a year.

On the other hand, I did snap a few good photos of my mom for her birthday. I am definitely learning with my camera and I love it. Photography has become a very big passion of mine, especially with the 365. It is completely true when they say practice, practice, practice and take tons of pictures. I did not listen to this at first and would only take one or two, now I will take 100+ photos of only a few things and take away maybe 5 good photos. CRAZY! But I am willing to learn and can not wait for a new lens. After work I will edit this post to add some pictures.

I tried to give her Fifa for a gift but she wouldn't take it haha.

$380,000 - no big deal. 

I like it! I love the way it shines.

Steve was that red car on the right, he won twice and was told he had to wait in line again for the next race because they give free games every time you win. He gave them away to young kids, he had fun though.

And tonight I will work on my Project Life so I can have it up by Tuesday! Or Tuesday night, either or it will eventually be up.

happy birthday mom.

Jan 28, 2012

Today is my mom's birthday! Happy birthday mom!
Steve and I came down to South Jersey to celebrate with her for the afternoon. We bought her a mini ice cream cake from the local Dairy Queen. It is fun stopping by the old DQ because when I was in highschool I worked there for 5 years, until I was in college. The owner was happy to see me and that I ordered a cake from him. Putting money into small businesses! She is on her way to her friends house since they are throwing her a party too. Instead of driving back north, we are going into Philly for the car show! Yay! I have not been to a Philly car show in a very long time so I am excited to go again. They are fun to look at and we might as well since we are not that far.

Pictures will be up soon with some cars and cake!

silhouette cameo.

Jan 26, 2012

I got my Silhouette Cameo in the mail yesterday! YAY!

Now I have to figure out how to use it. Steve and I tried it a little yesterday, 3 times, neither came out very good ha. I think I was getting frustrated because it was around 9:30 at night. I need to find fonts that cut out connecting to each other, rather then apart. The sticky mat makes it so frustrating but good because it doesn't move! I just need more patience because I just rip everything off.

I will attempt to learn some of it tonight but I have more readings for class, I want to catch up on Project Life week 4 because I have nothing in mind at all. I brought my camera to work today to see if I could get any good pictures for my Project 366.

project life | week 3

Jan 23, 2012

I finished this week in a timely manner, it is just a matter of taking good pictures to post that is the problem.

It was a little more difficult with the left side layout because it was Design B and I don't take that many vertical photos. I figured it out though!

So for Week 3.

I started classes on Tuesday after MLK Day. I am taking 2 classes but only started one last week and boy, it was easy. I am only taking undergraduate classes right now, hopefully by summer or fall I will be taking graduate classes towards my Masters. Two 3-hour night classes a week is going to be rough. The picture of Steve and Fifa was the morning of MLK Day, we were supposed to get up and when I got out of the shower the two of them were passed out again. She loves to cuddle. Later that day we took her to the dog park, she loveeeessss the dog park! She was with the big dogs, she enjoyed that. I added a picture of the last day I worked with Eddie, Thursday the 19th, we all chipped in to buy him a magic bullet for his new apartment in Delaware. I added our movie tickets from Contraband, word to the wise, don't see it! It can definitely be a DVD movie but not worth the movies. It was a little boring in the beginning and picked up at the end but I was not happy. I got carded for an R-rated movie. I'm 24. Ugh. I know, I know. Appreciate it now.

The picture with the balloons is my mom at her retirement party, she is so cute! My brother and I surprised her, he drove all the way from Boston to come. The 2 other pictures of my brother and her, and the three of us, are also from the retirement party. The picture of my brother and her is part of my Project 366, my favorite one so far!

The right side. More funny faces of Fifa, she is my child in Project Life. Another one of Steve and her playing in the snow.. it finally snowed! Only 4 inches though, what a tease. My dad sent me a picture of him and a puppy in Thailand. SO CUTE. I wish haha. It's nice to have him apart of this too even though he's so far away. And last but not least the SOPA/PIPA bill and the shut down of Wiki. For me that's something crazy! I thought it would be interesting to look back on when the bill is finally decided upon.

I love that I added my family in here, even though we are all in different places I like that I can put some pictures in here.

Week 3 and I still really enjoy doing this. I also do a Project 366, a photo a day on my Flickr if you would like to check it out too.

project life | week 1 & 2

Jan 20, 2012

So I finished Week 1 and 2 but never had the time to upload anything because it was always so late. Taking pictures without natural light sucks. There is no better way to say it (haha) but it is the only time I have. After working all day, taking care of Fifa, and making dinner, the sun is almost gone and we have the lights on. I can not wait until the summer. It is starting to get cold and tonight it is supposed to snow a little, I won't lie. I am pretty excited about it. I just want one good snow storm and than I will be happy without it.

Oh and before I show my first 2 weeks, I took a decent picture of my little family. It's hard on a timer but we tried it.

A finished title page. I may change the picture of the 3 of us if I can capture a better one later.

A closer look at the three of us. Fifa is always fidgety so it's hard to get a picture of her staying still. But I really liked this.

Week 1.
On the left side I wrote all of my New Years Resolutions/goals. Most of my resolutions are more like goals for the year. I hope to complete them, I know a lot are going to be hard but I would at least like to try.

The right side has pictures of my roommates and I on our night out. Pictures of Steve with our first vegan pesto recipe, which came out amazing. And the 2 pictures in the corners are from our night with friends at Old Bay. I love my south Jersey friends and I love that they came up to visit. I used paislee press' photo layouts- I LOVE THOSE. I also added movie tickets from when Steve and I went to see Mission Impossible 4 in IMAX (so loud).

I used AC Thicker stickers and a stamp from the purple onion.

On the right side I found this quote from Jenny Meyerson's blog and I loved it. I am always a happy person and this is definitely for me.

Week 2.
More AC Thicker stickers for the "week 2." A picture of me holding my new Starbucks "blonde" mug. I love how pretty and bright it is. Steve and I went to Blue Fish Grill for dinner one night, he tried to do a green smoothie diet and it only lasted 3 days. BFG broke the habit with veggie burger tacos. Yum! The first journal card was from my boss at the animal hospital, a holiday bonus, he always calls me a pain in the ass even though he wishes I could work there more haha. Danielle was one of my "photo of the day" pictures and I really liked it so I added it. The photo next to hers is of my coworkers at my full time job: Eddie, John, Saga. We like the saying "that's what she said" because we're immature sometimes.

I added a middle insert, I journaled on a 4x6 Ali Edwards digital layout. I went out with friends to a comedy show that another friend was hosting. We had such a great time that I felt it deserved it's own page.

More photo layouts from paislee press :)

I used some journal cards to do a "Weekly Recap." I won't do that for all of my weeks, but I do like the idea so I will do it occasionally. Fifa pictures of Steve messing with her and her toys, she's so funny. Another picture of Steve holding my boards up for my cupcake pictures. He's great! Blitzburgers for lunch on Friday for Eddie's going away party, not a great veggie burger.. sadness.

So far this is my first 2 weeks! I hope you like them! I will work on taking pictures during the day so there is no more glare and with my DSLR so it comes out more clear. More classes are coming so I don't know how much time I will have :(

The Mom Creative

project life | title page

Jan 18, 2012

I am using the Cobalt edition of Project Life with the white signature binder. I am a fan of both! I also purchased some digital journal cards from the Clementine edition and the paper pack from Amber edition - all from

My title page isn't finished yet, only because I can't seem to get a picture of me, Steve, and Fifa. I have a few pictures of us but I want a really good one and we haven't found the time to do it. Fifa isn't the easiest dog to take pictures with either, she is constantly moving or looking around. Every little movement her eyes are darting around the room and she is trying to get out of your arms. I may have one of my roommates take one, I want a candid picture, something really sweet and cheesy- like us. But for now I wanted to post this because I am so behind on updating it.

I just finished Week 2 last night and am working on Week 3! I will be posting those soon, I swear.

I used American Craft Thickers - these, for the GARCIA. The yellow ones were bought from Michaels but also ACT stickers. I used bakers twine for some embellishment. The number "3" I just printed off from Word onto cardstock and cut it out very carefully. I can't wait to get my Silhouette Cameo so I don't have to struggle through that anymore. The very first card was from the digital cards, I typed on it using PSE10 and a printer. "Project Life 2012" is from the tutorial of Cathy Zielske and the background paper is in the Amber edition.

my life in summary.

Jan 12, 2012

I jumped on the bandwagon at the end of December when I discovered the page protectors from Becky Higgins. I made a scrapbook for my boyfriend, Steve, and his family for Christmas. It was a whole scrapbook full of pictures of their 13-year-old dog Cole, from when he was a baby to now. I needed different types of page protectors and when I had come across those, they were perfect. I love to scrapbook, but I have never made one for myself. After endless clicks on different blogs, I realized how much I wanted to do Project Life for me.

When I look at different blogs that are doing Project Life, I notice that most of them are married or have children, neither of which I have. It was a little discouraging at first to think, am I going to have enough to put in here? Then I thought, DUH. I am in the beginning stages of my young professional life and I know that in the next few years my life will have so many changes. I would like to remember them when I am old enough to have my own family.

I am 24-years-old. My "family" currently consists of: myself, Steve, and Fifa (my 3 year old Jack Russel/Pug=JUG). I only say "family" because it is our OWN little family. My brother lives in Boston, MA. My parents are retired, living in Thailand/NJ. Currently my mom is still here and my dad is in Thailand until May. I live in a townhouse in New Jersey with 3 roommates, my dog, and a cat that I never see because she hates my dog (and I'm slightly allergic). I work in a laboratory for Rutgers University, where I recently graduated with a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences and Psychology in the spring of 2010. I recently started taking classes here for my Masters degree in Labor Studies and Employment Relations. And I have a wonderful boyfriend named Steve. This is just a little bit.

I am starting my journey with Project Life and I wanted a place to share it with others. I feel very grateful for all of those people who share their lives with the rest of the web and their photos, it is only fair that I share my life too. I began Project Life the week before Christmas and just received my white Signature Binder (!!!) yesterday so I was finally able to put things in place. I will start posting my pictures and details this weekend.

The name of my blog is just a generic name, sort of. I am a very tiny person. I think that the tiny/small things in life matter. I want to capture those tiny moments in my life that when I look back in a year or even a few months I will laugh. This is the tiny bit of my life that others can share with me.

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