currently: december edition

Dec 26, 2013

watching my brother play video games

happy about spending the holidays with my brother

feeling full after a big breakfast and soon to be big lunch

excited to go down to Pike Place Market again

wanting to visit the first Starbucks, hopefully not a lot of people today

drinking French pressed coffee in my new French press (!!) with coffee from Caffe Vita (my fave)

snacking on Hershey's candy cane chocolate

looking forward to spending New Years Eve in Florida with Florida♥

listening to The 1975 - 'The City' on repeat

writing a list of goals for 2014

planning some fun trips when Florida comes to visit in February :)

hoping work will be different in 2014, in a good way

missing my baby girl Fifa

loving how things turned out this year, even with some crazy turn of events in the beginning

dreaming about moving out of NJ and onto the West Coast (Seattle vs. Cali?!)

trying to take more pictures here in Seattle

eating like crap while on vacation (oops!)

embracing the new year with flying colors

I'm ready for you 2014.
I can not wait to see what's in store for me.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a fantastic New Years Eve!

and so it begins

Dec 17, 2013

It begins during a fantastic weekend with someone I really enjoy being around.
Someone who makes me feel like it's worth it.

The distance won't be so bad.
It helps you become a better communicator.
It'll bring us closer.
And make us cherish the moments we get to spend together.

The four days we got to spend together was really great.
I think my favorite part of our weekend was the snow. He's never seen snow, never walked in it, or played in it. I was really excited to be there for that first time. It's like watching a little kid stepping in the snow to see his footprints. Unfortunately, we didn't get to build a snowman, but I did throw a snowball at him. I explained the difference between the powdery snow and compact snow.
Him and Fifa got along really well. One of the most important things to consider.
He loved her and kept telling me he was going to take her with him, ha. She is a lovely, crazy, snuggly dog. I was happy.

We stayed local the first two nights.
I took him to some of my favorite restaurants. We walked around a lot in the snow so he could see my little town, which I love. My town is full of small business owners and 'mom-and-pop' places; it's my favorite type.

We ventured into the city to see the Christmas tree. I love the Rockefeller tree, no matter how many times I see it - it will always be great. We stumbled upon the Christmas ornaments on our way to Shake Shack, a new found love of mine in NYC.

We spent time doing nothing and enjoying each others company.
I couldn't be happier to have someone who is so endearing. He makes me laugh and he talks to me.
Completely open about whatever I need to talk about; my history hasn't led me to a place where I am completely comfortable with all of it. He helped me be more comfortable.

The distance isn't going to be easy, but it's worth it.

1200 miles isn't so bad right?

the countdown

Dec 13, 2013

we went on our first 'date' in Delray for coffee and ice cream

For the last twenty days I have been counting down the days until Florida (B) comes to visit.
Finally, my countdown is over! I could not be more excited.

I am super excited because it's going to snow tomorrow and he's never seen snow. Never. There's still snow on the ground from the past few days but we are getting a few inches on Saturday. I have a weekend filled with things to do and just spending some time together. We are heading into the city on Sunday to do the touristy things like the Macy's Holiday Display, Bryant Park, NY Public Library, Times Square, and Rockefeller Center for the TREE!! I haven't seen it in about two years and it's always so exciting for me. It will be cold. Very cold. I warned him that we would be walking a lot and it would be cold. He's definitely not going to get used to it.

Four days!
I get four days of an exciting weekend. I miss my holiday party at work, but it's totally worth it.
Four days.
We get to spend some quality time together.
And after those four days, he heads back to Florida, but two weeks later I fly there for New Years Eve.

This month is just filled with excitement.
Have a good weekend everyone!



Dec 8, 2013

In January, I spent three weeks in Thailand with my parents and it was amazing. I can not wait to return. On my return this time around, my world was turned upside down in a matter of "it's not working, Sammy."  Soon after, I began graduate school with a full course load, a full-time job, and an hour and twenty minute commute each way. We went our separate ways and it hurt like hell, but I managed.

In February, my best friend got married to her amazing husband John. I took the 8+ hour drive to be her witness/maid of honor/photographer. There was a total of seven of us, including the minister. It was a beautiful day in North Carolina that I will never forget.

In March, I took an adventure alone into the city for the Vegetarian Festival. I had never been to NYC alone or ridden the train by myself and it was one step closer to growing. My friend Wilson met me in the city; it was my first time into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I remember being upset about him but slowly realizing, giving up was my option. I wouldn't get him back.

In April, I went on a first date for the first time since 2010. I grew closer with my friends from graduate school and spent a lot of time going out with them. New friends makes all the difference in the world. I was happy again, I was myself again.

In May, graduation with my Masters degree in Labor and Employment Relations. How amazing. I made great friends while in school and we continue to keep in touch to this day. We spoke again, maybe not on the best terms but I moved on and so did he, I was happy and I hoped that he was too. The summer was just about to begin and my parents had come home.

In June, my car was totaled because some kid thought he had the right of way; he did not. I bought a new car; on my own and I love it. His name is DJ. He is so pretty. I spent as much time on the beach as I possibly could and ventured to Florida for a vacation to Disney World. Things were great at this point.

In July, I got to see Taylor Swift in concert. AH. I love her, my first concert in years with my best friends girlfriend. We had a blast, even with an hour storm delay. Again, I spent as much time at the beach as I possibly could. I enjoyed all of my friends from high school and rekindled some old friendships. I spoke to people I never thought I would speak to again.

In August, I took a vacation to Seattle to visit my brother. It was great. I have never been to Seattle and I loved it so much. It is a beautiful city. Ate tons of veg food and visited touristy spots. I will be visiting again soon. I took a few trips into the city with an old friend and tried Shake Shack for the first time, delicious. The best news was the new apartment I found. It was perfect for me. I was finally doing it on my own. I was moved on and happy.

In September, I started seeing someone new. Through mutual friends we spent a lot of time together at the football games and tailgates. I love to tailgate and it was the first time in years that I had been to one. I've been to almost all of them and our last one is this weekend. My life was in order and I knew what I wanted in my life. The fall season was bringing in something new and I had officially moved into my new apartment.

In October, another vacation. I like to travel, if you hadn't noticed. We drove up to the Adirondacks in NY with 15 other friends to stay in a cabin for the weekend. I climbed my first mountain and made a ton of new friends. I realized how much I like the outdoors and hiking. Hiking, not camping. I also went to my first NFL football game to see the Giants vs. Vikings (neither which I am a fan), but the seats were in a box suite and free. It was fantastic. My situation was beginning to dwindle because when you are at two different points in your life, it is hard to stay together.

In November, one of my college roommates got married. I had the pleasure of being apart of the wedding. Another vacation to Florida! I also had the pleasure of meeting someone who is very special to me now. Things can change in a matter of months, weeks, and even days. This was the first time someone had made me feel like he used to make me feel; that sparkle, the feeling of just knowing you're in the presence of something that will make you happy. And in November, I found someone new. Someone who makes me feel like I'm worth it. I couldn't be happier, in a matter of weeks. It's that feeling again. The only problem, well, the 1200 miles that separates us. Oh, and I got accepted into my second Masters program.

In December, I bought my first real Christmas tree. I look forward to my Floridian's visit in 8 days. Yes, he's coming to visit already (yeah, I have a cheesy smile). I look forward to spending Christmas with my older brother in Seattle (another vacation) and then flying to Florida for NYE (2-in-1 vacation) to spend it with him. Fifa will be turning five in eleven days. I can not believe I have had her for five years. She is the greatest gift ever.

2013 was a constant growing period for me.
I took adventures and found out who I wanted to be, who I would want to be with, and held on to great friends.

In 2014, I look forward to so much more. So so much more.
Thank you, to everyone who has been there for me through 2013; I can not wait to spend it with you again in 2014.

holiday season

Dec 1, 2013

I finally am doing things for myself and I love every minute of it.

This is my first real Christmas tree, ever.
My parents have always had an artificial tree and now that I am in my own apartment; I really wanted to buy a real one. I wanted to walk into my apartment and smell the pine.

So I did it.
December 1st, I went out and searched for the perfect tree. A tree that said hey, pick me! And here we are, with my very first Christmas tree and his name is Petey.

Decorations are in order...

After I buy them, ha!
Enjoy the holiday seasons all!


Nov 24, 2013

I couldn't tell you why 11 is my favorite number, but somehow I fell in love with it.
The funny thing is, I hate odd prime numbers. When I'm driving in the car and I adjust my volume, it has to be an even number or a multiple of five (5, 10, 15, etc..). It's the OCD inside of my head that can not handle it, yet 11 is my favorite number. At the roulette table, I constantly split 8 and 11 because 8 is my second favorite.

November has always been a great month.
The fact that it is the eleventh month of the year may or may not have something to do with it. But good things happen and continue to happen in November. My high school boyfriend and I started dating in November, my college boyfriend and I started dating in November. SP and I did not, but hey, you can't win them all right?

November starts the holiday season.
The air outside just feels like it should be time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
We celebrate the things we are thankful for and the time to be giving and joyous. I truly believe we should be these things at all times of the year but at this time, it really matters to people. I can not wait until November 30th, when I go searching for a real Christmas tree. Yes real! I have never had one, ever. When SP and I dated, his family always got a real one and I loved it. I loved the holidays around his house and will truly miss those times.
This year I will be hopping around to different family friends since my parents are away. I am so lucky to have so many people in my life who care for me.

I had the privilege to be a bridesmaid in a wedding for a college roommate, and I am so happy for her. And so happy I was able to witness it and be apart of it. I love love. It makes me so happy to see people in love and enjoy the company of others around them. Weddings are so much fun. I will have to post pictures soon.  I also had the pleasure of meeting someone who flipped my world upside down. In such a short period of time, I forgot about Jersey and what was waiting for me in the "in-between, we're not really official, kind of dating type," and I just enjoyed someone who made me feel exactly how I've always wanted.

But, that will be for another time.
I hope November has been as good to you all as well!

florida bound

Nov 13, 2013

Although I do not blog everyday, the next four days will definitely be missing in action. I am headed to the sunshine state of Florida (West Palm Beach, to be exact) for a wedding!

The day is finally here. One of my college friends, actually, my first friend at Rutgers is getting married on Saturday! We have stayed in contact here and there; I am so excited to be apart of the wedding and can not wait! She will be a Garcia, I said it is the best name to have ha ha. Hopefully, the rain holds off on Saturday but I am excited to be getting away from this frigid air in Jersey.

Pictures and more when I return next week!


thank you

Nov 11, 2013

I took my walk today and called my favorite vet, Jose.

Take the time to thank the veteran's who have and still are protecting our country. They put their life on the line for us everyday and we should appreciate their service.

why i went vegetarian

Nov 8, 2013

A lot of people ask this question and sometimes they understand, sometimes they scoff at the idea, but being a vegetarian is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

After reading this article, I realized just how happy I was to not eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Actually, how happy I am to not eat meat in general. I don't condemn anyone who does, it's not my place to say what anyone else decides to do, which confuses me when people try to challenge my beliefs. They wonder why I don't eat meat, so I question why do you eat meat? Oh because your parents said it was okay or because it tastes good, well it doesn't to me. Not anymore.

My friends truly believed the only reason I went vegetarian was because Steve was a vegetarian. Well, no, you're wrong. Yes, he is the reason I am one because without him I would have never thought about it. But he is not the reason I am one. I did my research and I made the decision on my own. Books and documentaries on the things that happen to such innocent creatures, it breaks my heart. That article made my heart hurt.

I do not agree with factory farming.
I do not believe that animals are here for humans to consume.
I do not think it is a necessity to eat meat because I can get my protein from somewhere else. Protein isn't only in meat.

The health benefits are a plus, I feel better because I don't clog my body with unnecessary foods. I try to eat less processed foods because it's not good. Environmental reasons, too. The factory farming and feeding of corn to animals is ruining the environment. The gases being produced and the uselessness of it all.

Someone once said in passing how his friend was vegetarian because of the animals and it was a stupid reason to do it. Why? Because we care about how other living beings feel? It's just as good a reason as for health reasons. I really just hate factory farming and the abuse people instill on animals. Not just the meat industry, any type of intentional harm for amusement.

So here I am, a vegetarian for 2+ years. Preferably a vegan eater at home but cheating while I dine out. But I'm happy with my decision and I am open to hearing what others have to say but don't discount what I have to say because you are being close-minded.

Trying new things doesn't have to be permanent.
I can't say I'll be a vegetarian for the rest of my life but I know for this time, I am extremely happy with the choice I have made and that is all that matters.

giants vs. vikings

Oct 29, 2013

Last Monday I went to my first NFL football game, and it was awesome.
I'm not a Giants or Vikings fan, I'm actually a Cowboys fan (I was called a traitor for rooting for the home team), but who can pass up these tickets?

A good friend of mine had an extra ticket and I was all about going to a game, especially in the suite box! I am definitely spoiled now when it comes to NFL football games, I don't think I will ever want to sit in normal seats anymore. We got to stay warm in the inside box and were kept warm under heat lamps on the balcony portion. Provided with free food, beverages, and alcohol. I think I win.

Let's just say the view was awesome. All of my coworkers/Giants fan friends were like wtf how did you get those!? And it was the Giants first win after six straight losses. So yay for going to a good game! I can't wait to go again when he has another extra ticket. I really want to go to a Giants vs. Cowboys game *crosses fingers*

It was a memorable and entertaining experience. I can't wait to do it again.

currents: october edition

Oct 22, 2013

feeling exhausted from a rough night

attended my first NFL football game last night

thinking of the MBA program and tonight's information session

excited for Homecoming weekend!

eating like crap and I need to change that - stop the fried foods!

drinking more tea and less coffee

watching The Voice and Blacklist on the regular (except last night)

trying to catch up on my finances and get stable again

wishlisting this IKEA couch when I have money

shopping for gold shoes for the November wedding I'm in

building (eventually) the DIY coffee table

putting some decorating touches on my apartment

missing Ry a little bit while he's in Cali

adoring my baby girl Fiferdood snuggled against me

perfecting the hair straightener curl the past few days

surprisingly embracing the cool weather that's coming in

hoping to blog more, but I keep saying that haha

the adk.

Oct 17, 2013

I had an amazing weekend in the Adirondacks with old and new friends.
6+ hour drive, there and back for a weekend was totally worth it.
17 people in a beautiful cabin on a gorgeous weekend. The weather was perfect, the people were fantastic. I made some new friends and I can not explain how excited I am to have had the pleasure to meet such wonderful people.
I can not believe how great my life is going at the moment. I am not super outdoorsy but going on the hike to Mount Jo was so much fun. I could not handle the 6+ hour hike the others took but I thoroughly enjoyed the 3+ hour hike we took instead. The view was just ah.

It was a great time, although short it was just memorable. This year has been memorable.
Spending the time with Ry was good; I have come to realize to not take things so serious and just enjoy the time we spend together. My life doesn't need to complicate itself with titles and drama - I just want fun and to be happy. And it's working.

This weekend is going to be a relaxing weekend of nothing much; I'm going to enjoy it.

hello october.

Oct 1, 2013

It only feels like October in the morning hours, as the day goes on it feels like summer again. I don't know how I feel about that; I kind of want the Fall season. I went apple picking last week and that was when it truly felt like Fall. When I order a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks, that's when I know it's true.

This month is going to be fantastic.
My best friend is coming to visit, homecoming, Lake Placid, my parents are back, and so much more. Today is the first day of a new project I would like to start. I can't decide if I want to begin with my real camera or my iPhone; either way I will be taking a photo everyday. Of what you ask? Well, I'm not sure yet. As long as it helps me document. I may not be able to post it everyday because I will be on vacation but I will take one.

So here we go October, let's make it count..
    + take one picture everyday, something that tells a story
    + bring Fifa to the dog park at least twice a week
    + inquire about the MBA program
    + decorate for Fall
    + catch up on Project Life
    + DIY a Halloween costume
    + breathe and let go

I hope you all enjoy the beginning of a new month as much as I do; it's like a fresh new start every 4 weeks.

currents: september edition

Sep 25, 2013

embracing the chilly weather, hello Fall (;

waiting for my hairpin legs to come in

anxious about the bills coming in; help!

exercising with Fifa on our daily 1-3 mile walks

trying to come up with a cheap Halloween costume

excited for P's visit in less than two weeks

thinking about applying for the MBA program

eating the apples me and Ry picked with some dark chocolate peanut butter

drinking my usual Starbucks soy caramel iced coffee

organizing the planner with bills, vacations, and football games

so happy I stayed for the whole RU vs. Arkansas game; best game I've seen

anticipating the comeback of Parenthood on Thursday

getting my nails done in Fall colors; love it

rereading The Omnivore's Dilemna by Michael Pollan

wondering why people keep questioning my vegetarianism so much lately

listening to New Found Glory's Pandora station

learning from the past

but loving how 2013 has turned out for me so far, I was totally ready for it

today is a good day

Sep 24, 2013

I posted this picture Friday on my Instagram because it was exactly what I was thinking.
There had been so much negativity floating around that day and I decided, no, today is going to be a good day. So I went outside for my break, I sat on a bench in the sun, and I let everything bad go away.

Negativity isn't my thing.
I really try to be positive and after this past year; I think I've turned everything around in a good way. My life is falling into a place I am comfortable with and it makes me smile, a lot. I can not begin to explain how much I love and appreciate my support system. I am surrounded by people who care for me and I love reciprocating the feelings.

So stay positive.
Enjoy your surroundings and take in the beauty of this life we live. Don't waste your time on stupid things (I love this print).
Look at your life and say today is a good day; and make it one.

social butterfly

Sep 17, 2013

To say I have been busy would be an understatement to my social life.
The past two weekends have been dedicated to RU tailgating. This weekend? Another tailgate! The schedule has put three home games in a row but then nothing for about a month so then I can relax.

What have I been up to?
Well, let me count the ways..
   + moved into my new apartment earlier this month
   + slacked off on job hunting
   + crazy busy at work
   + started hanging out with a new boy [shhh]
   + continuing to decorate my apartment
   + walking the dog and exercising more and more

Now those are only a few things. 
My life has been treating me well and when I look back on this past year I smile so much. A few friends came to visit last night and the subject of SP was brought up. They asked if I had spoken to him lately, I have not. We both moved on, he found someone else from what I hear, and I am okay with that. I think he may have met this girl while we were still together but that is neither here nor there. He's been mentioned in conversation with SB [new guy] because, well, he knew the both of us. Let's not jump to conclusions on the new guy though, it is not serious; we enjoy the company of one another and for right now, I am happy with that.

SP? Who knows? 
That chapter in my life is done and gone. It was a lesson learned: don't lose yourself in someone else, because I think I did. He was, by no means, a bad boyfriend; he was an excellent boyfriend, it just ended poorly - on his part. The way it was done was not okay, but it's life. I know what I am looking for, I know what I want, and I know that I am worth it; if someone can't see that.. his loss.

Project Life? Yes I am trying to keep up on it.
When I moved I did not bring a lot of my scrapbook stuff because I wasn't sure where I would put it. I mapped everything out, now I just need to get the rest of my things. I am excited at how it has changed throughout the year. The book is about me and my life. How much I have grown and all of the people who truly care about me and my well-being. 

I have fantastic friends.
I could not ask for better people in my life.
Right now, life is fantastic. I mean I would like a new job, but I can only blame myself for that at the moment [oops].

I hope to update more often, I am finally getting into the swing of things in my new place. 
For any readers [if there are any], thanks. I love to read blogs but I also love to write in it so if there is no one, hello self.

shake shack

Aug 27, 2013

Madison Square Park - Shake Shack.
Wait time? 30 minutes.
Worth it? Yes.

I have seen posts about Shake Shack; Instagram photos on how great this place is and I must admit, I really enjoyed it. Yes, they have a veggie option - shroom burger. AMAZING. The shake? DELICIOUS. I will definitely try and go back to visit. I would like to try some other shakes and bring Fifa since they definitely had a mini dog menu.

My life has been all sorts of chaotic so the blogging has been kept to a minimum. The idea of moving in a less than a week with my busy social life has gotten me all in a tizzy. When I finally move into my new place I plan on going back to blogging more and attempting a 365 or 52 weeks type of thing.

moving day.

Aug 21, 2013

So the 100+ mile commute everyday to work has finally caught up to me and I moved closer to work back into my favorite neighborhood. HP. It's been 10 months of driving over an hour to and from work, 5 days a week. Can you imagine that? Probably not because it sucks. I think the 3 hour commute home a few weeks ago was a large breaking point in my sanity.

I am impulsive, like really impulsive.
Impulsive to the point where, I want something and I do it.
Work has been nuts. NUTS. So I also think it was a breaking point in my sanity of driving. My mom suggested I move Sunday afternoon so I searched, just for the hell of it. I've looked here and there on occasion but had yet to find anything. My biggest problem is my dog. A lot of places do not take animals and it sucks. I will not give my dog away, she is my baby. As I randomly searched, I found this little duplex gem. It's tiny and perfect for me.

It comes with the world's smallest bathroom, but I can deal. It has a washer and dryer in the basement which is an absolute +++. I hate not having free laundry. I live on the first floor apartment and another woman will be living above my place. We share the basement space/laundry and a closed-in porch area. There is a big backyard that isn't fenced in but big enough for Fifa to be on a long leash. The landlord is extremely nice and helpful, I am so excited.

I move in September 1st. So less than two weeks!
Did I mention I was excited? I can't wait to decorate and be more broke than I already am at the moment haha.

DIY here I come!

project life | april

Aug 20, 2013

Project Life!
The April edition, about four months too late but I've been busy. At the time, my parents were not home yet and I can not believe they will be leaving in two weeks for a short one month visit to Thailand. I was finally finding myself in April and truly getting over SP. The breakup was a rough time for me and as the months went on I got better, I met new people, I went on dates with new people. Looking back, I thoroughly believe everything happens for a reason.

I love the month inserts from Paislee Press. I have been trying to put them in the same position each month. I have also been using the same stickers for the months.

I have been trying to keep Project Life as simple as possible, not a lot of embellishments; just pictures and words. I haven't had time to really work on it like I did last year but I think I have fallen in love with the simplicity of the white space. I consistently use Tracy Larsen simply white photo templates with Keytin font 14. It has been my savior!

I really do love this project so much more. I love the idea of it being about my life this time, not "our" life because it's my work. I can't wait to look back and enjoy my youth. It's not just for adults with children, it can definitely be for young adults and teens.

currents: august edition

Aug 14, 2013

feeling exhausted from work overload

enjoying the Fall-like weather right now

wanting new glasses that I've looked at for years

waiting for my bridesmaid dress to arrive

saving money for Florida and assorted trips

daydreaming about a life in the future

laughing at memories of the beach this past weekend

drinking some good Seattle coffee

eating nothing because I'm too lazy to get up

listening to the rustling of the trees in my backyard

loving the visits to NYC area lately

rekindling an old friendship

reading blogs because I'm so behind

hoping to go to the beach this weekend

catching up on Project Life and sleep

socializing way too much but loving it

embracing my youth


Aug 8, 2013

Being back at work sucks. A weekend away on the West Coast just isn't enough for me. I need weeks there.

This was the first time I had ever gone to visit my brother in Seattle, the first time I've ever been to Seattle and I loved it. Maybe because it's new to me or the fact that I have now learned to love the city life, but it was fantastic. I never realized how hill-y Seattle was, it is similar to San Francisco; just not as bad. Walking up some of those hills is hard work.

We did some touristy things: the space needle, Public Market, the first Starbucks, looking for Mt. Rainier.
Other than that we spent time walking to awesome bars that have arcade games, finding new places to eat, and taking naps. Naps are a must after the amount of walking. I miss it already. The next time I visit, I must see Portland.

I really loved this city. I think I love any city that has culture to it. I even found amazing coffee the day before I left and my brother will send it to me when I finish the first set! It's just that good.

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