photo shoot

Nov 14, 2016

We decided this weekend was the perfect weekend to take some photos for a potential Christmas card. I have been doing cards for the last two years with Fifa and have loved the reaction I have gotten from friends. This year is a potential to add a boyfriend to the mix, risky risky! It has been a running joke with friends that you shouldn't add significant others until engagement or marriage. I guess you will have to wait and see if Liam made the cut!

If you did not receive a card the last two years (sorry, let me know about this year and we can try to squeeze you in) here they are:



These were some outtakes from our photoshoot, we had a ton of fun.
We laughed, a lot. It brought him to tears. The dogs were barely cooperative, more interested in rolling in the grass or peeing on something on the trail. It's so difficult for me to choose a card when I'm on Tiny Prints but their cards are my favorite!

If anyone has thought about doing a Christmas card but felt like it was only for people with families- it's not! I think anyone can send them, it's not only for couples with children because I love getting cards from friends with or without kids. I love pets, I love friends, and I love snail mail.

warming up the kitchen

Nov 12, 2016

It's hard to believe we're almost there! Almost there meaning we almost have walls up in the kitchen, not having a fully functioning kitchen; don't get too excited everyone. Liam keeps reassuring me that it's going to look beautiful, I know it will but sometimes it gets hard living without a kitchen! Two and a half months with only a microwave and a toaster oven, I can't wait. Can you say cereal and pizza rolls for dinner? We will not be going out to eat for a long time when this is all completed.

We put up insulation in the floor, walls, and ceiling to keep us warm and cozy in this fluctuating Fall. Seventy degrees one day, 27 the next.

See that beam? It's for looks, no real structural need for it. If you look below, we have another one that actually is helping to hold up some of the floor joists. It was not a load bearing wall but we did it as an extra for peace of mind, so then we mirrored it on the other side. We will wrap that in some nice wood and stain it. It should look like these awesome wood beams!

We insulated by the bathroom wall here and closed off that window where it used to be apart of the bathroom. Lots and lots of insulation in order to keep that heat in during these crazy New York winters, I am hoping my second NY winter is as easy as my first. I don't think I will get that lucky again.

Now, the stairs!
It's so open! We are deciding on stair rails for the space and yes, it can lead to heating the downstairs and upstairs but it is so much more open. It looks so much better than before when it was an awkward door leading who knows where. We have made it more practical and better on the eyes!

This is what it was before:

We are in the process of putting up the drywall right now, by the end of the weekend we should have mud up! It will take time to dry so during the week the mudding and sanding process can begin! We are moving along quite nicely with a timeline of December. The next two weekends we will be in NJ for a Rutgers vs. Penn State game and Thanksgiving! YAY!

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