friday faves | 03

Feb 21, 2014

Let's go with five random things I've found throughout this past week..
    01 // Positive vibes are needed. 
    02 // Olya Schmidt's, her water color paintings on Instagram are amazing. The little details and fun, colorful drawings are so awesome. It makes me want to start painting with water colors and learn to draw.
    03 // This website shows you all the fonts on your computer and what it would look like when you type specific words. I love this website because I forget the different fonts I download sometimes. This totally helps. 
    04 // Although I am completely behind, Project Life still sits in the back of my mind and how much I need to catch up. I found a new favorite blog to follow on her Project Life progression and I love the hashtag because it deals with those of us without children. #singlegirlsb by Tracy; inspirational! 
    05 // I recently signed up for Netflix (I know I'm behind) and the only reason I really wanted it was to watch Sherlock. My brother introduced me to the show in December and I loved it. There aren't many seasons or episodes for that matter, BUT they are an hour and a half long - mini movies!

Enjoy your weekend Internet friends!

long distance

Feb 20, 2014

This is my first long distance relationship, I'm definitely learning things about myself and how to handle a relationship that is 1200 miles away.

One important aspect, which I am still getting the hang of, is the communication aspect.
Our opposite schedules can make this difficult at times; night shift, day shift, class schedule - oh the complications. He's totally worth it, I just have to stop over thinking every little thing. I have plenty of friends who are in the same boat as me. My best friend P was away from her boyfriend, who was in Afghanistan for months, then NY to NJ. And still when he's on leave. Along with her, I have two other friends in the distance boat.. so I'm not alone, sort of.

I really like surprises.
My favorite thing to receive are cards. I love love love cards that are perfect for the recipient. So I have searched far and wide (or Etsy) for the perfect cards.
I know you can get these at Hallmark or at Target, I usually do, but these cards are special. I also enjoy supporting the small business owners of Etsy. Plus, letterpress cards are my favorite.

Some of my favorite Etsy card shops:
   • SteelPetalPress
    DeLuce Design
    Sapling Press (I've bought these in some stores)

(he just received this one yesterday from SteelPetalPress)

So if you're looking for some fun cards for your significant other, far or close - I definitely recommend those sweet little shops. It's nice to be able to put a smile on someones face. Some snail mail once in a while, isn't so bad either ;)

currently: february edition

Feb 18, 2014

recovering from a long weekend (still)

watching episodes of Sherlock because it is a new favorite

feeling blahhhhhh - I am so sick of the snow it is unbelievable. There is nowhere to park on the streets or even in parking lots since the snow piles are so huge.

eating over night oats with blueberries, thank you ABM

struggling my Financial Decisions class is so god-awfully boring it is difficult to pay attention, with an exam next Monday I need to get my butt into gear

searching for a coffee grinder, any ideas?

counting down the days until I visit B in Florida, one month exactly tomorrow! Yay yay yay!

catching up on blogs I haven't read in a few days

forgetting to photograph Project Life and complete January

wanting the new Studio Calico kit for March, the sneaks look amazing

enjoying Skype dates with B when he has off of work

waiting until the 55 degrees hits at the end of the week to melt the snow

researching: vintage typewriters because I want one so bad

reorganizing the living room so I have a place to be crafty and somewhere to keep my huge printer, Cameo, sewing machine, and future typewriter ;)


Feb 14, 2014

I never made a big deal about, but I love handing out little bags of chocolate to my coworkers.  I think it puts a small smile on everyone's faces and that makes me happy.  Enjoy the day of love with your loved ones, but remember to appreciate them the other 364 days of the year!

around here

Feb 13, 2014

I have been MIA due to the fact that my schoolwork has taken over and my laptop was not connecting to my Wi-Fi until last night.  So I am back!  Huzzah!

This month has been good to me so far, excluding the snow because I despise it with everything I have right now.  So. Much. Snow.  Today, we were hit with another 6-8 inches of snow, the fluffy kind at least.  It's been eventful, almost every other week for the past month and a half the university has closed.  These days are boring at work, but I get school work done.

B came to visit this past weekend and I was more than thrilled. We took a mini road trip to Baltimore to the aquarium and stayed with his friends.  It was a fun nerdy night of board games, old school video games, and watching speed runs of video games.  Like I said, nerdy night, but it makes me like him that much more.

The weekend went by too quickly.  My heart hurt when we finally had to say goodbye.  This weekend was really good for me; it put me at ease and allowed me to be more comfortable with us.  The way he communicates is an amazing thing for me, I am terrible at opening up my feelings in relationships. Insecurities can do that to a person. But he truly is an amazing person to be around.  It is getting harder to say goodbye each time. I can not wait to visit WPB though, sunny, warm weather! Five weeks and counting.

Besides a wonderful weekend with him, school has been good so far.  An A on my first paper!  *victory dance*  I need to catch up on Project Life, take pictures, do all of those things I keep saying I am going to do.  Keeping warm and playing in the snow, hoping so much the snow melts soon and warm weather approaches.

I hope all of your winters aren't as harsh!

polar vortex

Feb 5, 2014

Go away polar vortex, winter, and snow.
It has been awful on the East Coast for weather.  I am sure the mid-west isn't too thrilled either but I'm not there right now so I guess I forget.  I mean, look at Atlanta - they got two inches of snow and they went into a frenzy.  Everyone keeps saying 'well if you've never driven in snow before, it would scare you,' I guess that is what I like most about living in the north east.  We are well rounded in the ways of the seasons.

But fo'reals.
Go away snow.
My car this morning was encased in a sheet of ice.  Fifa is not a fan of trying to find a place to use the restroom either.  I can't blame her, I wouldn't want to go outside either.
The problem with the weather is how heavy the snow has become and today, it is freezing rain.. YAY! This makes me want to move to California so much quicker.

On a happy note, B will be here this weekend and I am elated.  It has been over a month since I last saw him and a little part of me is dying inside with the distance.  We have both been very busy with class (me) and work (him) so it has been difficult to get some 'one-on-one' time.  Skype date here and there when we both have time.  It will be a good weekend and if the weather permits, a mini road trip to Baltimore. The distance has been rough, but we are slowly working out the kinks and learning about each other.  I know there are the skeptics out there but who cares right?  My life, I'll figure it out!

I hope all of you are all surviving the weather!
Hopefully soon I can post my Project Life update from 2013.  I haven't been home in enough time to take good pictures.

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