july 2013

Jul 31, 2013

I can't believe July is over. Summer has been flying by and I have loved every minute of it. July was a busy month. August will follow in the same footsteps. I spent a few days at the beach and saw tons of friends that I have missed. Three new recipes I made this month. Two on Sunday! AH. They were amazing. The mini apple pie must be redone because I took it out way too early but I will attempt it again. Celebrating Fourth of July, Taylor Swift, beaches. It's basically an awesome summer so far.


Jul 28, 2013

This was my Sunday.
And it tasted fantastic.

ten things about dating

Jul 25, 2013

I have a love/hate relationship with the idea of dating.
I can admit it, I am a serial dater. I have had a boyfriend since high school and this is the longest I have gone without one. BUT I enjoy the hell out of it. I enjoy the freedom of my life and worrying about me, myself, and I. I may sound selfish but at the moment, I'm allowed to be. When I am with someone, it is definitely not all about me, but about us.

Now dating..
I went on a date last night and it went well, but the idea of dating and the so-called "rules" are so... I'm not sure what the word is. Irritating? Frustrating? Exciting? Butterflies?
My group of friends consists of an eclectic blend of couples, married, and single. All of us singles talk about dating and we all have different ideas of what should and shouldn't happen.

So, this is my ten things about the dating game.. (sometimes I think of myself as an anomaly so this may not pertain to every girl or even most).

  1. Technology. It has really screwed us on the idea of asking someone on a date: texting, Facebooking, emailing. Since when did we stop human interaction? And by the way: no it's not okay for you to text on your phone while at dinner. Put the phone away for the two hours we are together or don't bother calling for a second date.
  2. Going dutch is never a good idea on a first date. This is where chivalry is not dead. Guys, you should always pay on the first date. ALWAYS. Honestly, I think the first few dates. I can not speak for every girl, but I like to think of myself as independent and after the first few dates, I can't let you keep paying. When I'm comfortable with you, I will definitely offer to pay. But this also depends on the type of girl you are dating.
  3. The first kiss is not always on the first date. It is definitely one of those "you just know" when it's supposed to happen.
  4. Never make the movies your first date. We are not in high school where we like dark rooms away from our parents. Adults like conversation to get to know one another and see if there is some sort of connection. We do not want to make out in a dark corner the first night without knowing you. If you take me to dinner, try not to make it a chain restaurant (i.e. Applebee's, TGI Friday's, etc); if it's the only option then it's understandable.
  5. Be confident. I enjoy confidence. I am intimidating (so I have been told), my personality is very outgoing and somewhat of a "firecracker." If you're shy and quiet, be confident. Own who you are as a person and I will totally love that. Confidence is attractive, cocky is not.
  6. Flirting. It is great and it makes people feel special. Compliment, it works wonders on a persons confidence.
  7. Approaching a guy is not a bad thing. We are allowed to be the aggressive ones once in a while. And ladies? Wipe the resting bitch face off, it is not approachable. And guys? Just because we're in a club does not mean we want you to grab us and start dancing without even asking. That will get you a dirty look and standing alone. Be classy about the way you approach the opposite sex.
  8. Opposites can attract. Introvert and extrovert. Quiet and loud. Short and tall. It can work. Does it always? No, but it is possible.
  9. Chivalry isn't dead. Open the car door. Open the restaurant door. Tell her she looks nice. Smile. Pay for the date. Be polite. Act like a gentleman and treat her like a lady.
  10. Be yourself. Do not try to be something you are not. Why would you want to be with someone who is only pretending to be what you want? We want someone genuine. If you can not be yourself with your date, then it probably isn't "meant to be."

I could probably go on about various things about dating, but this is what I can think of now. Yes, it is a new day and age, but being a gentleman will never get old. Enjoy whatever it is that you are doing and if you are not interested, be polite. There is never a reason to be rude to someone.

And so goes it, the dating game will forever be confusing and exciting♥

currents: july edition

Jul 23, 2013

deciding I need to go back to being 95% vegan because I feel like crap

enjoying my new outlook on life

excited about my date tomorrow ;)

wanting to get a new job (that isn't going to change until I get a job)

listening to Taylor Swift because her concert rocked

wondering what if I say yes and give second chances

loving my rekindled friendships

disliking the problems with my thumb and that damn accident

eating veggie pot pie (vegan, of course)

hating my new haircut, the bangs are all wrong

drinking water because it's amazing

watching Fifa sleep like a baby, I adore my dog

laughing about the group texts I have with my friends

needing to use my DSLR more

shopping for a new pair of glasses

working out my abs/glutes tonight

counting down the days until I visit Seattle

July, you have been good to me. Thank you.

taylor swift concert

Jul 21, 2013

I love T-Swizz.
I bought these tickets back in November as a graduation gift to myself. I planned on taking SP with me when I had first purchased them, but with the events occurring that obviously wasn't going to happen. Not that he really wanted to go with me anyways, he had been a willing participant at the time. Instead, I brought my best friends girlfriend J and we had a great time.

I met up with a few high school friends who were also going to the show. We all chatted and laughed about high school, talked about how old we were for being at the concert. You know you're getting old when you start commenting on girls clothing, I can not believe what they are wearing today. Yeah, we're old. There was an hour and a half rain/lightening delay. Totally worth the wait though.

She was amazing. SO GREAT.
I love her transitions into songs, the stories she tells.

Her music speaks to me in such a great way. I know it sounds so cheesy, pop country star Taylor Swift, but some of her music has helped me get passed all of the crap I have gone through this year. She sang All Too Well and it brought some tears to my eyes. I posted this a few days after it all happened and although the song is kind of heart breaking, it helped. I would cry my eyes out and just breathe all the hurt out.

Looking back, I can say her music helped. Her songs about break ups and finding love again helps.
For teenagers and for people in their mid-20's.
It helped me heal and realize we go through these things to learn. Learn what to do the next time around. It's life and we have the ability to choose how we live it.

I can't wait to see her in concert again.
It was a wonderful weekend.

dear someone

Jul 17, 2013

Dear Someones,

There are those people in your life that effect you, deeply effect who you have become and what your decisions are in the future. You may never think of me, but you all cross my mind.

I have grown into the type of person who gives second chances for the sake of life.

Life is too short to worry about the petty things of the past.
Life is too short to dwell on what happened so many months and years ago.

So here I stand, giving myself the second chance to believe people are good to each other.. that when you say you love someone, that you truly love someone, you care. You care about their well-being and their happiness. Maybe it's because I am the type of person I am and I don't want the negativity in my life, but I am sorry. Sorry to the person I hurt with words because I was torn. Sorry to the person who made me that crazy girl so long ago. Sorry to the girl I was for not taking the time to think about what I was doing or saying at that moment.

I sat with a friend.
She explained to me how she still felt her high school boyfriend (who is now married) was the person for her. That if anything were to happen to his marriage (not that she wanted it to), somehow they would reunite because they had something there. Something that felt like it belonged.

I don't feel that way. About anyone.
So maybe what I've felt isn't really love, but the road to what it will be like one day.

But I am happy.
Here is my second chance to be me, alone.
There is yours. The door is open to say hello.


P.S. I hope you are as happy as me.

around here

Jul 16, 2013

I have been on the move, a constant move.
Not saying that it's a bad thing but I haven't had a moment to just sit.

I traveled to NYC again with my friend W. We went to the International Center for Photography and the Museum of Modern Art. I wanted so badly to visit the rain room but it was full. It was an exhausting day of walking and walking and more walking. Totally worth it though. I never used to like NYC, the busyness of it always intimidated me. I love it now, can not get enough of walking through the city. There are so many places to eat that I would love to try, I'm just not there enough.

Another heat wave approaches and it is gross out.
Even the beach is hard because it's so muggy outside, but the water is starting to finally warm up. I love swimming in the ocean. It just feels so open.
My beach weekends are as constant as I can get and my ice cream intake is almost everyday (seriously, I have a problem). I have been to the beach more times this summer then the last three years. It. Is. Wonderful.

I am thoroughly enjoying my summer.
It's amazing what a few good friends and an open mind can get you.
I find myself laughing more, smiling more, and just enjoying more about life than I ever have. I don't know what it is about this year that has made me open up. I just feel like things are going right.
All I need is a new job and things would really be falling into place!

Now if only I could catch up on Project Life..

"to do" list

Jul 11, 2013

After reading this post, this post, and completing my summer class, I realized how much I need to slow down and enjoy my surroundings.

My professor gave a lecture on how she moved from Michigan to New Jersey and could not believe the difference. She realized how fast paced we were, we talked all the time, and interrupted conversation when there was the slightest pause in speech. We, or maybe just me, do not know how to slow down when we talk and really listen to one another.

I am guilty.
Guilty of thinking about what I want to say next.
And not focusing on what the person is really saying.

 I need to pause.

Take a mental break.
And listen. Really listen to others.

I loved This American Girl's idea of the "to do" list.
I love lists. Love them.
I love to check things off, it makes me feel accomplished in my day. I am also guilty of writing things down in my planner that I've already done, so that I can check it off. Crazy right?

Well, my to do list today consists of my intentions on fulfilling things in my life that I truly enjoy.

+ I want to bake something new and share it friends, because I love baking and having people enjoy it.
+ Go out to dinner and laugh until my stomach hurts.
+ Exercise because it makes me feel good.
+ Listen to music that touches my soul.
+ Connect with myself and how truly happy I have been alone.
+ Take a moment and just live.

It has been a blessing in disguise to be alone.
It never occurred to me that I would take that moment to find out what I want in life and in a partner.

So breathe.
Walk slowly.
Smile at strangers.
Hold the door open for the next person.
Give your seat up to the elderly.
Reach out to someone.
Go outside.
And just genuinely enjoy life.
Because this is all we have.

project life | march

Jul 2, 2013

I know, March was forever ago.
I might have caught up on everything if my printers Wi-Fi kept working. I am halfway finished through May and will photograph April soon!

It seems so long ago.
When I look at the title and it says 'moving on,' I can really feel comfortable with how things have turned out in my life. My life has worked itself out quite well.

I need to work on taking photos of my pages, I am usually in a rush when I do it so that doesn't help. Anyone have any advice?

I heard that quote while watching He's Just Not That Into You and it hit a soft spot for me. I think it really helps.

An insert from my trip to NYC with W! We are headed there again in two weeks and I can't wait! I love taking day trips there, especially in the summer time. I really enjoyed the vegetarian festival, August will be two years as a vegetarian - oh gosh! And I love the photos W takes, he's pretty good at it and I am usually the one behind the camera.

I added two recipes. The card flips open like a mini card.
The parfaits are amazing to have for breakfast. I love the soy yogurt from Silk, it is delicious.

I changed my approach to Project Life in the next few months, I went with an easier simplistic approach. I haven't used a lot of the embellishments from the Core Kit because I have been so busy. So simpler = easier. I still love this project, looking at it throughout the year really is amazing. It is so touching to see all the new and old people in my life.

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