the kitchen! reveal day

Jan 14, 2017

If you have been reading for the last few weeks (or months), we have been renovating our kitchen and we are about 97% complete. The important thing is that I can now cook in my kitchen! I have cooked almost everyday and I absolutely love it. I love my sink, my butcher block countertops, and my IKEA island. Also, the gas stove is always a plus.

But I'm sure you don't care much about my cooking and want to see the final product! I'm learning how to use my camera better and taking photos of the house, one day I'll be as good as Chris Loves Julia and Yellow Brick Home. For now, let's get started:

There are a few cosmetic things we need to finish up but right now things are fully functioning in order for us to cook and that's what really matters. The blue tape resembles where we are going to build our shelves in the future. There will be two sets of shelves but not exactly where the tape is showing it. We're too lazy to take the tape down and we will revisit this in the spring time when it's warmer out.

We plan on keeping the holiday cards up for a while, we really enjoy seeing all of our friends on the fridge. We have some work to do on placement of things but it will come together when we have the open shelves. More shelves will go along the wall by the stove and we want to hang some artwork as well (by "we," I really mean me).

It looks fantastic. It's  exactly what my heart dreamed! The only thing I want right now I know I  won't get rigtht away is the subway tile backsplash. We are in the middle of deciding on a matte or glossy finish tile, we received a whole case of matte finished tile for free, it won't cover everything so we would need to buy more or buy everything in the glossy finish. It's 22 cents a tile so it's not out of budget but mostly free tiles is difficult to pass up... not sure what the verdict will be!

I love my farm house sink, it's so large and clean and beautiful. Most people see the sink and just love it too. How could you not? The knobs go perfectly with everything too, my modern look. The soft closing drawers are the special touch, the cherry on top honestly.

We are both so so so happy with how it turned out. Especially because we built it. WE BUILT A KITCHEN. From this to now. I love it. The proud feeling of this kitchen is going to last for so long and thanks to everyone who rooted for us while we went through it. I am going to go sit at my island to meal plan and stare the hard work we accomplished.


  1. Your kitchen is looking beautiful! (Do you two want to gut mines next ;) ? ) I love the countertops, and the farmhouse sink. I can't wait to see it completely finished.

  2. Wow, that is a HUGE transformation! I can only imagine how the shelves will change everything, too. Love those sconces.

    1. I can't wait for the shelves! we will be building them based on your shelves in the work space, thanks for such great ideas!


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