giants vs. vikings

Oct 29, 2013

Last Monday I went to my first NFL football game, and it was awesome.
I'm not a Giants or Vikings fan, I'm actually a Cowboys fan (I was called a traitor for rooting for the home team), but who can pass up these tickets?

A good friend of mine had an extra ticket and I was all about going to a game, especially in the suite box! I am definitely spoiled now when it comes to NFL football games, I don't think I will ever want to sit in normal seats anymore. We got to stay warm in the inside box and were kept warm under heat lamps on the balcony portion. Provided with free food, beverages, and alcohol. I think I win.

Let's just say the view was awesome. All of my coworkers/Giants fan friends were like wtf how did you get those!? And it was the Giants first win after six straight losses. So yay for going to a good game! I can't wait to go again when he has another extra ticket. I really want to go to a Giants vs. Cowboys game *crosses fingers*

It was a memorable and entertaining experience. I can't wait to do it again.

currents: october edition

Oct 22, 2013

feeling exhausted from a rough night

attended my first NFL football game last night

thinking of the MBA program and tonight's information session

excited for Homecoming weekend!

eating like crap and I need to change that - stop the fried foods!

drinking more tea and less coffee

watching The Voice and Blacklist on the regular (except last night)

trying to catch up on my finances and get stable again

wishlisting this IKEA couch when I have money

shopping for gold shoes for the November wedding I'm in

building (eventually) the DIY coffee table

putting some decorating touches on my apartment

missing Ry a little bit while he's in Cali

adoring my baby girl Fiferdood snuggled against me

perfecting the hair straightener curl the past few days

surprisingly embracing the cool weather that's coming in

hoping to blog more, but I keep saying that haha

the adk.

Oct 17, 2013

I had an amazing weekend in the Adirondacks with old and new friends.
6+ hour drive, there and back for a weekend was totally worth it.
17 people in a beautiful cabin on a gorgeous weekend. The weather was perfect, the people were fantastic. I made some new friends and I can not explain how excited I am to have had the pleasure to meet such wonderful people.
I can not believe how great my life is going at the moment. I am not super outdoorsy but going on the hike to Mount Jo was so much fun. I could not handle the 6+ hour hike the others took but I thoroughly enjoyed the 3+ hour hike we took instead. The view was just ah.

It was a great time, although short it was just memorable. This year has been memorable.
Spending the time with Ry was good; I have come to realize to not take things so serious and just enjoy the time we spend together. My life doesn't need to complicate itself with titles and drama - I just want fun and to be happy. And it's working.

This weekend is going to be a relaxing weekend of nothing much; I'm going to enjoy it.

hello october.

Oct 1, 2013

It only feels like October in the morning hours, as the day goes on it feels like summer again. I don't know how I feel about that; I kind of want the Fall season. I went apple picking last week and that was when it truly felt like Fall. When I order a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks, that's when I know it's true.

This month is going to be fantastic.
My best friend is coming to visit, homecoming, Lake Placid, my parents are back, and so much more. Today is the first day of a new project I would like to start. I can't decide if I want to begin with my real camera or my iPhone; either way I will be taking a photo everyday. Of what you ask? Well, I'm not sure yet. As long as it helps me document. I may not be able to post it everyday because I will be on vacation but I will take one.

So here we go October, let's make it count..
    + take one picture everyday, something that tells a story
    + bring Fifa to the dog park at least twice a week
    + inquire about the MBA program
    + decorate for Fall
    + catch up on Project Life
    + DIY a Halloween costume
    + breathe and let go

I hope you all enjoy the beginning of a new month as much as I do; it's like a fresh new start every 4 weeks.

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