project life | week 39 & 40

Oct 23, 2012

Week 39.
You know you love to eat at a place when you drive an hour there and an hour back just to eat. We went again this passed weekend - Veggie Heaven, I love you. I also went to dinner with my parents because I haven't had time to go home and I get to see them tonight again- yay. I bought two dresses for the wedding we attended 2 weeks ago and wore neither of them haha. Also, working on stamps to sell, maybe sell, I have not decided yet because I am so busy with school- but I love them.

This seems so long ago when I made all of these cupcakes. 120! Catered my first wedding and it was beyond exciting. Thank you to Steve and Taylor for the help. I was so so happy when the bride texted me and told me how much she loved it and the wedding planner telling me how great vegan cupcakes were. WIN!

Just some close ups of my favorite part of this week :)

Week 40.
My mom bought a new iPod so she could take pictures and Facetime, thank you technology, this will be great when they leave for Thailand and I want to say hi to her! I tried doing the FMSphoto-a-day challenge and was doing well up until this passed weekend, exams/papers/life, got in the way.

The wedding! It was so so so much fun. I am so glad I finally got to meet Steve's college roommate. The ceremony was so sweet, the background was gorgeous, it was held at a country club, not too cold but we were only outside for about 15 minutes. Our table was awesome, we had so much fun and the guys there were so funny and everyone was extremely nice and friendly. I didn't know anyone but Steve and he barely knew anyone but the guys there were great. And the dress is light pink, not white! I swear.

The first quote card I mentioned was from @blinksoflife and I loved it so much I wanted to add it to my PL. The second is just a snippet from the wedding I wanted to show better.

Close up of the pictures I took of me and Steve. He sometimes hates when I always take pictures but he will have to live with it because I will never stop! haha.

Week 41. Sneak Peek.
I hadn't finished this side until last night and the lighting was terrible.. too much shadow so I only took pictures of the left side, which is done. We came back from the wedding that Monday and I drove the whole way back and had to go to class right after that! So crazy.

Hope everyone's having a good Project Life week!!

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  1. Love all the stamps you used! So fun!!

    1. Thank you! Lots of inspiration from your journaling cards!

  2. Did you make those cupcakes? They look great! Love all your new stamps.

    1. Yes I did and it took hours to make! Only having one oven and 12 cupcakes at a time is A LOT of work. Thank you Cerise! :)

  3. Love both weeks, excited to see the rest :)


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