the aftermath: hurricane sandy.

Oct 31, 2012

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy I am thankful my friends and family are doing well. Nothing major happened to us and we are all trying to get things back to normal. It is hard to look at pictures and see the damage that has been done but I am so so thankful my friends and family are okay; my heart goes out to all of those who are struggling right now.

Monday, Tuesday, and today have been rough.
New Jersey has been in a state of emergency (yes, I still have to go to work even if we have no power there- LAME) since Saturday (?). I know Governor Christie announced it early. Monday night was not as bad as we anticipated but Tuesday it got bad. Sandy hit land in New Jersey and destroyed a lot. A lot does not even describe it. We lost power at our place for about 24 hours and last night it finally came back on. So thankful for a gas stove and preparations with friends. Cooking by candlelight and flashlights, desperately trying to charge our cell phones and get service. Towers were/still are out so getting service is tough.
During the day I have been updating my Project Life so that I can catch up! Lots of down time.

I saved a lady's hand from her garage. I don't think my adrenaline has ever pumped so fast. Evelyn and Tom came running down the stairs saying someone outside was screaming "help me!" and I didn't even take a second to think before I slipped on my shoes and ran out the door. Her hand was slammed into the garage (no electric) and me and two other guys lifted the garage door so she could remove it. I was screaming at the guys to lift and when I realized it was her hand stuck I just pushed the garage as much as I could and they finally caught on. Trying to calm down two toddlers in the car is tough, I can only imagine how they must have felt watching their mother scream bloody murder. Intense. I hope she went to the ER and is now okay.

Steve parents have no power or anything, neither do my parents. I hope they get it back soon.
Watching the news is tough. Looking at Seaside Heights and the boardwalk being wiped away and Atlantic City. It is devastating. Now it is time to rebuild and recuperate, to come together as a community to help each other. I think our Governor is handling this pretty well, not caring about presidential debates and worrying about our state and how to fix it. President Obama will be in New Jersey today looking at the damage; it is a sad sight.

Happy Halloween as well. These passed two years have been crazy Halloweens. Snow storm last year, hurricane this year. Be strong East Coast ♥


  1. Where is it that you work? and why on earth are they making you come in if you can't work? LOL I hope they at least gave you Tuesday off.

    I am so glad that you and your loved ones are safe and sound! & the garage + hand story is crazy! but I'm happy you helped her and I'm sure she's grateful as well.

    1. haha I work as a technician in a laboratory. it's a complicated story, one that I hate! And I wish I could say I had off Tuesday but I went in everyday this week! Thankfully it is over.

      thank you :)
      the only hard part now is finding gas!


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