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Feb 22, 2017

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I am getting to the age where my friends are getting married and I am attending a lot of weddings. It's true, we are "at that age" and it is extremely exciting to watch my friends marry their best friends. To recap on the wedding adventures:
    2016: I attended six weddings and could not make it to two. That's eight weddings in one year. That's not even the most I have seen by other friends (apparently I'm not as cool as them, thankfully!)
    2017: on the roster for this year is three weddings. One I am still unsure of it I will attend because no plus Liam and it is the weekend right before my 30th birthday, which I may want to spend with my significant other. Liam's high school best friend will be getting married and one of our mutual friends is getting hitched in August (super excited).
    2018: yes, you see that correctly, we have weddings already planned in 2018! THREE in fact! For three amazing friends, I mean they're all amazing but we're saving dates so far in advanced for them! There is a potential fourth one for one of his friends, but we haven't heard anything yet so we'll hold off!

So why are we chatting about this?
Well, in the last few weeks, we have been talking about getting married. SHOCKING. No really, there's no sarcasm there. It has been a touchy subject for us, not in a bad way but, for me, I didn't know if I saw myself getting married. I didn't know if being with one person was for me and if weddings was something I envisioned for myself. When I met Liam, it was something I said very early on, he laughed and told me he knew how he would propose to his future wife one day. I asked him to tell me but he said he didn't want to spoil it in case I was the one, I rolled my eyes at the thought. Now, 12 months later, we are having that conversation.

We went ring shopping to see what I liked and didn't like about rings.
It was a new experience for me. Everything I pictured in my head was nothing of what I wanted. I like simple, minimal and that's not what I had originally pinned all over Pinterest. Yes, I still pinned tons of things even in my "I don't want a wedding" mindset.

We looked at future venues. Yup, call me crazy. Liam wants a wedding, I want to elope. I want to save money and he is more traditional and wants the wedding. You could say that the roles are slightly reversed in our situation. Although I had my reservations on marriage, I have found the one person who makes me feel whole, he puts up with my crazy and I can't imagine coming home to anyone other than him, and of course Fifa. We decided on a compromise for the actual wedding, if we had a wedding it would be small compared to some of the others we have gone to. We want it to be 80, I say "we" when I really mean me because if it were up to him, we would be inviting 150. So compromise. Wedding, but small-ish.

It's exciting.
I am excited.
We are excited.
My mom is ecstatic because she wants grandkids, hold that thought for a long time.

But we're being responsible and we're going to save for something intimate and meaningful. Life is going well for us, between the crazy and the happy.

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