project life | week 3

Jan 23, 2012

I finished this week in a timely manner, it is just a matter of taking good pictures to post that is the problem.

It was a little more difficult with the left side layout because it was Design B and I don't take that many vertical photos. I figured it out though!

So for Week 3.

I started classes on Tuesday after MLK Day. I am taking 2 classes but only started one last week and boy, it was easy. I am only taking undergraduate classes right now, hopefully by summer or fall I will be taking graduate classes towards my Masters. Two 3-hour night classes a week is going to be rough. The picture of Steve and Fifa was the morning of MLK Day, we were supposed to get up and when I got out of the shower the two of them were passed out again. She loves to cuddle. Later that day we took her to the dog park, she loveeeessss the dog park! She was with the big dogs, she enjoyed that. I added a picture of the last day I worked with Eddie, Thursday the 19th, we all chipped in to buy him a magic bullet for his new apartment in Delaware. I added our movie tickets from Contraband, word to the wise, don't see it! It can definitely be a DVD movie but not worth the movies. It was a little boring in the beginning and picked up at the end but I was not happy. I got carded for an R-rated movie. I'm 24. Ugh. I know, I know. Appreciate it now.

The picture with the balloons is my mom at her retirement party, she is so cute! My brother and I surprised her, he drove all the way from Boston to come. The 2 other pictures of my brother and her, and the three of us, are also from the retirement party. The picture of my brother and her is part of my Project 366, my favorite one so far!

The right side. More funny faces of Fifa, she is my child in Project Life. Another one of Steve and her playing in the snow.. it finally snowed! Only 4 inches though, what a tease. My dad sent me a picture of him and a puppy in Thailand. SO CUTE. I wish haha. It's nice to have him apart of this too even though he's so far away. And last but not least the SOPA/PIPA bill and the shut down of Wiki. For me that's something crazy! I thought it would be interesting to look back on when the bill is finally decided upon.

I love that I added my family in here, even though we are all in different places I like that I can put some pictures in here.

Week 3 and I still really enjoy doing this. I also do a Project 366, a photo a day on my Flickr if you would like to check it out too.


  1. So lovely! I love the picture of your mom and brother. I also don't take a lot of vertical photos so I'm been trying to make a conscious effort to do more of that.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. love the family feel of the pages! they are looking great!!!!!!!


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