super bowl sundae.

Feb 6, 2012

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday XLVI. Great game. Disappointing end. I know I know, I live in the Central Jersey area where we have tons of Giants fans, but I am a Cowboys fan at heart. The reason? My dad lived in Texas for a few years after coming over from Thailand and became a Cowboys fan, so growing up- I was too. Also, my brother lives in Boston and is a Patriots fan, it gave me a second reason to root for them. Number one was because I am not a Giants fan, whatsoever.

We had a Super Bowl party and it was FANTASTIC. I was unsure as to how many people were going to come, but we had the perfect amount of people. Tons of junk food- we decided calories don't count on Super Bowl Sunday.

Food contenders: hot wings, pigs in a blanket, cheese balls, mac and cheese (Velveeta style), party mix, french fries, pizza pockets, veggie platters, vegan dip, Zebra cakes (all Steve's idea), soda, beer, pretzel sticks, and my FAVORITE: vegan chocolate sundae cupcakes with a cherry on top. After seeing how beautiful these cupcakes were and how delicious they were, I seriously considered opening an " at-home-bakery." So many people have told me I should open something or try to sell them but I have never had the confidence to really do so, but lately it has crossed my mind.

Besides all the food, friends, football, I lost my voice from screaming and laughing so much. Exactly the way it should have been. Also, on a more personal note since this is not only my PL blog, but a personal one- I love the idea that I have found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. As we laid in bed, trying to fall asleep after tons of caffeine for me and beer for him, he went on a rant about our future and being married and having children. It has never felt so real to me with someone and I know that I am only 24, but it feels great to know I don't have to keep searching. When we first met, it felt like that cliche romantic movie, where I just knew that this was the person I was going to be with. I love that feeling and I hope it never goes anywhere. Okay, enough mushy stuff.

Now onto the picture of the cupcakes that make me want to start a business. And when I say you could never tell that these were vegan, I truly 100% mean that. No one at work would ever be able to tell, except for the fact that they all know I only bake vegan.



blog pics.

More pictures at different angles coming soon.

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