project life | week 14

Apr 11, 2012

Busy busy week!
Two inserts and lots of fun stuff! I have been working on this all week and I love working on it, I get so into it haha.

I received a bunch of new add-ins that I ordered, I couldn't be happier. Some washi tape, stamps, new letters, some colorful tape from Target. Exciting! After visit Scrap Cove in Central Jersey I was so happy to scrap more. I also bought some slick writers, I've heard so much about them and decided to try them. I want to try the Precision pens as well, at a later date. Today I ordered some paper pads, stickers, and embellishments off of Two Peas in a Bucket with a free shipping code after $35. KPSC493! Use it!

Now on to the layouts. I still can't figure out how to take good pictures of these, any advice? haha.

Steve is an amazing boyfriend who came over to take my roommate to the airport at 3:30am last Tuesday. He didn't want me to be tired. I appreciated it, A LOT. I also had to drop off my brothers Easter. Unfortunately, the JRA Pain is not a happy moment but a moment that is important to me. I go to the doctors tomorrow and hope that everything turns out okay. Auto-immune, basically my body hates me. UGH.

Earlier in the week I posted about two good friends getting engaged while they were in California. I added a nice little insert for the story I heard and some pictures I received. After using the Silhouette cut out I had little hearts left over so I added them as confetti.

Easter layout.
I wasn't going to add an insert but I had so many great pictures and moments that I really needed to. Spending time with Steve's family is just great. We even drove around in the RX-7 that it was so nice outside! That is Steve's baby, it is in perfect condition, or it looks like it is.. sometimes it breaks down but that's because it's an older car.

I love my Easter baskets. Yes, two!

My parents sent me some pictures of these cute dogs they always see downtown. My dad said my mom always donates some money for the dogs to get food. I think it's because she misses Fifa so much.

His baby.

I started a craft project with a cork board cut out of the USA. I am going to pin the different places me and Steve have gone together and mount it on a painted canvas. I haven't had time to figure out what color or what the little tags will look like.

I love this picture so much because of the Silhouette cut out of the mixer. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer more than anything! I made those cupcakes for Irina's birthday, they were mini form.. the best kind.

An order of cupcakes for Easter dinner for a friend of a friends boss. Yay for cupcakes.

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  1. I love your pages, so fun and colourful! I especially like the cupcake pictures...yum! Hope your doctor's appointment goes well. :)

  2. I love all the little stories that you've told. And this is also why I love PL - those stories get told!


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