Easter bunny (o.O)

Apr 9, 2012

Easter was fantastic. Fan-tab-ulous. I have never had such a wonderful Easter holiday.

I spent the entire day with Steve and his family, Saturday evening until Sunday evening. The weather was great, the food was great, just happy. I had an order for 2 dozen cupcakes this weekend and after many trial and errors, I finished. We spent most of Saturday relaxing because we were busy driving around and/or baking.

Sunday morning, his mom bought us some coffee in the morning. I got to open my parents Easter bag! I was so excited, I have been waiting weeks to see what was inside, even after Fifa ripped a huge hole in it I managed to not peak in it. It was a great basket, my parents being so far away are amazing. Chocolate bunny, chocolate peanut butter bunny, Jelly Belly assorted bag, gummy bears, mini gummy bears, Swedish Fish, Nerds, Starbucks giftcards, AND a Target giftcard.. how amazing?! I could not have asked for better parents.

Steve's mom is just as wonderful and bought me a bowl from Crate & Barrel filled with the most amazing jelly beans I have ever tasted, with a solid chocolate bunny in it. It's from the same place that Steve bought me my chocolate covered fruit on Valentine's Day so I know the chocolate will be fantastic. I love the bowl from Crate & Barrel, if I could shop there all the time I would, but I am not filthy rich.. or even close to it ha.

Dinner was delicious. Tofurkey is my thing and I have no problem announcing it! I think it taste just fine, delicious in fact. Every time I have eaten it I think it's great. I don't even remember what real turkey taste like and I am so glad that Steve's family cooked a big dinner. Everyone is vegetarian/vegan, it makes it easier, even though my mom would go out of her way to cook me something separate too. Everything was so tasty even though it was a little difficult to eat, my jaw has not been doing any better. Doctors in 2 days, hopefully it helps.

Overall, our weekend was great. We even took the car out for a short drive, Deals Gap is in less than 2 weeks! Long drive but a good time will be had :)

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