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Jul 19, 2012

Steve is not a big fan of NYC, it is too busy for him and since he loves to drive it definitely is not the place for him. It is nice to visit once in a while and we have not been since our anniversary in May. My rheumatologist is at Columbia University and he was kind enough to drive me since I hate driving in the city. Besides the traffic and humidity, we had an enjoyable day. I even got to scratch one item off of my list :) and work on two others.

9. Eat out at 15 new vegan/vegetarian places
21. Try more vegan bakeries

Although this does not scratch it completely off of the list, I tried one new vegan food lunch truck (a first!) and we bought donuts from there, so that applies to vegan bakeries too! The Cinnamon Snail vegan food truck is from Hoboken but has been trying to go into the city so we tracked them down on Facebook and went to have lunch. It was DELICIOUS. I enjoyed the Maple mustard tempeh sandwich on grilled spelt bread with roasted garlic aioli, kale, tomato, and onion; it was amazing. Steve was not as happy with his only because it was SO messy and falling apart into his lap (on napkins), but still. Difficulty eating takes away from the enjoyment and flavor, in my opinion at least.

1. Go to Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan's Candy Bar is exactly what it says in the name, a candy bar. A huge three story building that is full of different types of candy, bright colored t-shirts, stuffed animals, and souvenirs. One the third floor they have a cupcake and ice cream parlor and I partook in the ice cream eating! Cake batter and Candy blast on a cone please? THANK YOU! I enjoyed myself very much. We did not buy any candy, it was at least 100 degrees with the humidity, I could not bear to have melted chocolate or gummy bears in my purse. It was worth driving around for 2 hours looking for parking ha ha.

It really was a great day in the city. And the best part? We got out right before the huge storm, lightening, and hail hit Times Square so we were safe and sound at home :)

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  1. That ice cream looks amazing, Sammy! Thanks for sharing these pics.
    Ronnie xo


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