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Sep 4, 2012

Besides the 10+ hour drive, my vacation was fantastic. I love to travel, I thought I loved driving as much as I did but after this trip, I can not be so sure. My legs were killing me.

Seeing the two of them was fantastic.
I drove and drove and drove. I stopped in Washington DC to visit a vegan bakery and I am so glad I did. I loved it. The inside was cute and they had tons of sweets to choose from and I had a wonderful lunch. Chixen ranch wrap was AMAZING. I want to go back soon. I got to scratch a few of those off of my list, not technically but I started working on vegan eatery #2!

I began reading The Night Circus after I saw an instagram pictures from Elise and I love this book. It is a great read and it really is up my alley. North Carolina water is so warm, I love it. Banana boating is so fun and so painful all at the same time. I think after all six of us flew off (the second time) we were done. I was in pain all day Sunday and Monday.. partly today too. My body is not used to it. Even if there is a little bit of pain, they are so much fun. Frozen yogurt trip, twice in one day, I don't eat it but I tried it.. not really my thing. I missed Starbucks so much while on this trip because there wasn't one near their house.

Elizabeth was excited to take some "engagement" pictures, you know, those photos you see everywhere after people get engaged. I told her I was no expert but I would make an attempt for them because it would give me great practice. I will post those tomorrow. I think they came out pretty good, for me anyways.

After a five day weekend, tomorrow I am back to work.
On a positive note?
It's only a three day week!

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