weekend recap

Sep 16, 2012

1 // Steve's mom brought us latte cupcakes from a local health food store. It looked much better than it tasted, but I still enjoyed it haha

2 // Steve and I made vegan pizza. I love vegan pizza! Yes, those are vegan pepperonis.

3 // I have a slight obsession with Target. I have about 5 Target reusable bags. I added the canvas tote bag to the collection this weekend. I was excited, it is so awesome.

4 // My three favorite things. Fifa, Steve, and Starbucks. It was a beautiful day for a walk yesterday.

Life has been hectic and I am trying to get into a routine, but it really isn't that easy. Working from 8-4, class twice a week from 4:30-7, taking care of a dog, trying to read articles and write on forums. It is just wearing me out. I find that my appetite is not as full as it used to be. I always want to sleep. I need to manage my time better, although I am doing much better than I think others have, but I need to stretch it out over the week; not just the last 3 days of the week.

And a few days ago, I fell down the stairs trying to get carpet cleaner for Fifa's vom.. gross. My body is feeling the effects today. Sore back. Sore side. AH. Nothing hurts tremendously, just sore, very sore. I am trying to bake more, put up recipes on the blog, and have a life. I need to put together Priscilla's birthday gift for Friday! I have no idea what I am going to get her!?

Busy week. Busy life until December.

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