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Oct 12, 2012

I am so exhausted.

I need better time management skills or split myself in two and relax. I say it, yet I am really very good at it. I worry too much, that is the problem. I am playing catch up with my school work, even though I am caught up; my idea of catching up is being ahead by one week. The weeks fly by and I can not believe I am halfway through the semester already! Wow.

This month, I would like to relax and try my best at visiting my parents before they leave, make time for myself to scrapbook, and make new recipes from the stack of cookbooks I own. Last night, I gave up on studying and decided to catch up on Project Life a little bit; I did not get a ton finished but I felt so relieved. I was also trying to be an "adult" and watched the VP debate.. I found it highly entertaining.

So, here & there, tid bits on what's been going on...

I love these new stamps. I used them last night in my Project Life and love them so much. I can not wait to create more. When my roommate asked me if I had a stamp last night I just picked one of those up and she laughed. She obviously meant a postage stamp.

I appreciate good quotes, good meaningful quotes that make me feel all "warm & fuzzy" inside. There is something about reading a sentence or two that make you think wow, that's great. I am an optimist in its fullest form, I hate to think there are terrible people in the world and hope I can impact one person's life by being myself and lending a hand to those in need.

Baking and cooking. It's an adventure and a stressful endeavor. I made a vegan pot pie recipe this week and it was FANTASTIC. Steve's mom always makes it and it is my favorite. I was so happy it tasted the same. I spent the day home with Fifa because she hurt herself and had a fever so we ventured to the vets office. I love visiting my old place of work! Even though, technically, I still work there! It has been a few days and she is back to her old self again, lets hope it stays this way.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Enjoy the outdoors (I convinced Steve to take me on a mini apple picking adventure again), even if it gets a chilly- I love scarves!


  1. Stamps and cup cakes! I'm in love! I love a good quote and positive affirmations too.

    I'm not an optimist by nature. If anything I tend to notice the "negative" before the positive (my parents are this way), but as I've gotten older I've been working on this, because everything is SO much better when you feel happy.

  2. It's hard, I know. Life often feels like an endless game of catch up. It's nice that you gave yourself a break last night so that you could do something you enjoy - scrapbooking! Those are gorgeous stamps - where did you get them from? Anyway, thinking of you Sammy! Hang in there! Every season of life eventually passes, you will surely get through this.
    Ronnie xo

    1. I love those stamps! mind sharing where can I get them? I saw them previously on your instagram but I can't find it anymore :( thanks!!!

    2. @Trisha I actually am attempting to sell them but with a busy school life I have not been able to put them up! I'm not sure where it went on my Instagram I was confused by that as well! i will write a post about putting them up soon & Instagram it too! :)

    3. @Ronnie thank you!! :) I can not wait until the December break, a month off will be nice to read and learn how to sew! I hope all is well with you and need to play catch up on your blog!

  3. Omg you are selling those? I'm totally gonna get all !!! If u can give an estimate on when you will be launching these! I am so excited for you! Can't wait!

    1. Thanks Trisha :)
      I don't think I will be launching all of them at once, I will probably do a 'test run' and only launch a few to see how well it goes. It will probably be a few weeks before I will have time to set everything up but hope to have it up soon!



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