project life | week 36-38

Oct 9, 2012

So behind on Project Life!
School has made it difficult to keep up with it every week but I try as hard as possible. I am not that far behind on it so I don't feel too bad. It seems like so long ago that all of these events happened. I guess because it has been a while, at least a month. I need a better way to organize it and keep up with it. I will work on that when I get a break!

Week 36.

I love love love Studio Calico alphabet stamps. I need a better way of making them straight because I always make them uneven. I will need to get an acrylic block that has lines on it! The Vegetarian Fest in Bethleham was awesome. There was a booth there with amazing vegan pizza. I stamped RUTGERS all over a card to indicate classes has started (obviously, this is old news to you guys). And I bought new sneakers, finally!

Week 37.
I made my very first vegan apple pie. It was delicious. I can not wait to make more for the holidays.

I ordered a ton of Kelly Purkey stamps from Simon Says Stamps and I am in love with them! I use them as much as I can. And my first time riding my bike with Fifa, it was not easy.. Steve is much better than I am.

Week 38.

I got my iPhone 5 when it came out a few Friday's ago and I am glad with my choice of black. I am a little ticked off with Apple and the idea of having to update software over and over again, but they make money and that's it. I, again, bought new shoes haha. I could not help myself with these new ones. It was my blue! I needed them. $50 wasn't too bad. My BFF's birthday was a few weeks ago and I sent her a care package since she lives in NC now (sadface). And the best part of that week was APPLE PICKING!!!! I had so so so much fun.

More on Week 39 & 40 next week.. I hope!

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  1. YAY !!! I love how you incorporate a lot of different things into yours that I don't even think about taking pictures of. My pages always look like a shrine to my kid despite trying to take photographs of other things (oops).

    1. sometimes I think it's a shrine to my dog because I love including her in it too. I am sure when Steve & I have children it is going to be the same thing so don't you worry! Don't forget to include yourself too!! It'll be fun to look at when he's older and he can see all the fun things you did!

    2. It amuses me that he will look at it in 20 years and laugh about how he and I dressed, (like we do with out parents), but just how NORMAL it was for the time.

  2. Beautiful layouts!! Apple picking looks like so much fun. Wish we had something like that here.

    1. thank you Cerise! :)
      I love apple picking, I can't wait to go again -- it is the best part of Fall!

  3. Fantastic pages, and I love your new trainers!


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