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Nov 9, 2012

It has been a rough week. I am so exhausted and behind in schoolwork that I don't know where to begin. Steve still does not have power and we are at about day 12. He has been staying with me and my roommates, my room is not equipped for two people all the time. So it has been rough but nice to be able to sleep next to him every night.

Voting. My second time voting and I actually knew what was going on, I watched the debates and made my own opinion. I wish I could have said that about the last election but some things you can't change, the present is what matters. And I am happy with the outcome.

I love my coworkers for joining my childhood antics and making hand turkey's with me. There are more added to this but since then I was happy with the amount on there! Work has been busy this week, robots going down makes it hard to get work done.

Fifa oh Fifa. I love this dog more than anything as she sleeps on my laptop right now. She loves and hates the snow. She loves to run around and eat it as fast as possible but as it hardens and gets colder she has a hard time going to the bathroom. I put her snuggie on her that her dad (aka Steve) bought her for Christmas and she is so cute in it. And yes, snow.. after a hurricane! Mother Nature is hitting the East Coast hard. With a hurricane and a nor'eastern comes a water advisory. We went out and bought a ton of water, the next day it was over haha.

Hope everyone else is having a good week.
Only a few weeks until Thanksgiving!

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  1. I thought you and your guy already lived together, although I'm not sure WHY I thought that. Anyhoo, nice of you to share your space. Loving the hand tracing turkeys, we used to do those all the time in elementary school. I don't really discuss politics to much, but I'll agree, I was happy with the outcome too. ;)


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