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Dec 27, 2012

I love that the Prew family has a real Christmas tree. I have never had a real tree before and it's nice to not have to take care of it but get the perks of it. I have been there since Sunday and although I miss Steve and Fifa, it is nice to be sitting at home on my couch.

So many presents and so much love. We miss Cole so so much. It sucked to not have him around this Christmas and I know they all felt the same way.

Steve and Brian both got airplanes as gifts and by the end of the day.. both of them broke. Brian's plane crashed in the yard and broke. Then we went to the golf course to fly Steve's and his crashed into a tree and broke. It was pretty amusing. Fifa enjoyed opening all of her gifts, eating and playing with them all. She is too cute. I can not believe she is 4 years old already.

It was a great Christmas. It is nice to have a family to be with during the holidays since my family is so far away. But, I do get to go to Thailand in six days and see my parents. I think that is a great Christmas gift. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday as much as I did.

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