on that tragic day

Dec 17, 2012

not turn into something that defines us, but something that inspires us to be better, to be more compassionate and more humble people

To those in CT, the families, and victims.. my heart goes out to them. Terrible things keep happening that should never happen, it is time to come together and be better. I think what one of the fathers said about all of this is so true. May they all rest in peace.

And in a tragic weekend, I had to say goodbye to a dear dear friend, Steve's 14 year old dog, Cole. He was an amazing dog. He turned 14 on Saturday, such a fighter and a trooper. Fifa's birthday was yesterday but it was a sad day to say goodbye. At his home we all gathered around to say goodbye to a wonderful dog who had a great long life. I am so happy I got to be apart of it. He will be missed so very much.

RIP Cole ♥

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  1. Such a devastating tragedy. Impossible to comprehend.
    I'm so sorry for your loss as well...
    Big hugs,
    Ronnie xo


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