shake shack

Aug 27, 2013

Madison Square Park - Shake Shack.
Wait time? 30 minutes.
Worth it? Yes.

I have seen posts about Shake Shack; Instagram photos on how great this place is and I must admit, I really enjoyed it. Yes, they have a veggie option - shroom burger. AMAZING. The shake? DELICIOUS. I will definitely try and go back to visit. I would like to try some other shakes and bring Fifa since they definitely had a mini dog menu.

My life has been all sorts of chaotic so the blogging has been kept to a minimum. The idea of moving in a less than a week with my busy social life has gotten me all in a tizzy. When I finally move into my new place I plan on going back to blogging more and attempting a 365 or 52 weeks type of thing.


  1. This place looks fun (and sounds delicious!). Don't worry, you're die-hard readers (me) will still be here when you want to post. :)

    1. haha thank you!! it's been a while, moving has thrown me off my game


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