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Oct 17, 2013

I had an amazing weekend in the Adirondacks with old and new friends.
6+ hour drive, there and back for a weekend was totally worth it.
17 people in a beautiful cabin on a gorgeous weekend. The weather was perfect, the people were fantastic. I made some new friends and I can not explain how excited I am to have had the pleasure to meet such wonderful people.
I can not believe how great my life is going at the moment. I am not super outdoorsy but going on the hike to Mount Jo was so much fun. I could not handle the 6+ hour hike the others took but I thoroughly enjoyed the 3+ hour hike we took instead. The view was just ah.

It was a great time, although short it was just memorable. This year has been memorable.
Spending the time with Ry was good; I have come to realize to not take things so serious and just enjoy the time we spend together. My life doesn't need to complicate itself with titles and drama - I just want fun and to be happy. And it's working.

This weekend is going to be a relaxing weekend of nothing much; I'm going to enjoy it.


  1. Well if Ry is the guy you are pictured with he is a total hunk! Seriously, very handsome. I'm glad you had so much fun! <3 The place looks amazing.

    1. haha yes he is the guy pictured and i would have to agree, he is handsome ;)


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