currents: october edition

Oct 22, 2013

feeling exhausted from a rough night

attended my first NFL football game last night

thinking of the MBA program and tonight's information session

excited for Homecoming weekend!

eating like crap and I need to change that - stop the fried foods!

drinking more tea and less coffee

watching The Voice and Blacklist on the regular (except last night)

trying to catch up on my finances and get stable again

wishlisting this IKEA couch when I have money

shopping for gold shoes for the November wedding I'm in

building (eventually) the DIY coffee table

putting some decorating touches on my apartment

missing Ry a little bit while he's in Cali

adoring my baby girl Fiferdood snuggled against me

perfecting the hair straightener curl the past few days

surprisingly embracing the cool weather that's coming in

hoping to blog more, but I keep saying that haha


  1. Are we in the same wedding?? I'M shopping for gold shoes for the November wedding I'M in haha. :)

    Girl, let me know how that hair-straightener curl goes for you; I cannot, for the life of me, get it right.

    I hope the MBA info session went well!

    1. hahaha! I have yet to find them, I am on the hunt today because I NEED them asap to get my dress altered.

      I am mastering the curl with a straightener but how I explain it? I do not know. YouTube helped a little bit but my friend actually showing me was better!


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