holiday season

Dec 1, 2013

I finally am doing things for myself and I love every minute of it.

This is my first real Christmas tree, ever.
My parents have always had an artificial tree and now that I am in my own apartment; I really wanted to buy a real one. I wanted to walk into my apartment and smell the pine.

So I did it.
December 1st, I went out and searched for the perfect tree. A tree that said hey, pick me! And here we are, with my very first Christmas tree and his name is Petey.

Decorations are in order...

After I buy them, ha!
Enjoy the holiday seasons all!


  1. The tree looks lovely ;) .

    I would love a real one, but I didn't want to lug it up the stairs HAHA, I bought Dom and I a fake one at Target for 50 bucks. I too need ornaments! Right now we just have a string of lights up (it came with the tree).

  2. It looks awesome!! We bought a real tree this year too, but I'm kind of frustrated with the bottom. We didn't inspect too closely and it's kind of wonky, but it's a good size, so I guess I'm happy haha.

    Your tree looks perfect! I hope you post photos of it all decorated! :)


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