Dec 8, 2013

In January, I spent three weeks in Thailand with my parents and it was amazing. I can not wait to return. On my return this time around, my world was turned upside down in a matter of "it's not working, Sammy."  Soon after, I began graduate school with a full course load, a full-time job, and an hour and twenty minute commute each way. We went our separate ways and it hurt like hell, but I managed.

In February, my best friend got married to her amazing husband John. I took the 8+ hour drive to be her witness/maid of honor/photographer. There was a total of seven of us, including the minister. It was a beautiful day in North Carolina that I will never forget.

In March, I took an adventure alone into the city for the Vegetarian Festival. I had never been to NYC alone or ridden the train by myself and it was one step closer to growing. My friend Wilson met me in the city; it was my first time into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I remember being upset about him but slowly realizing, giving up was my option. I wouldn't get him back.

In April, I went on a first date for the first time since 2010. I grew closer with my friends from graduate school and spent a lot of time going out with them. New friends makes all the difference in the world. I was happy again, I was myself again.

In May, graduation with my Masters degree in Labor and Employment Relations. How amazing. I made great friends while in school and we continue to keep in touch to this day. We spoke again, maybe not on the best terms but I moved on and so did he, I was happy and I hoped that he was too. The summer was just about to begin and my parents had come home.

In June, my car was totaled because some kid thought he had the right of way; he did not. I bought a new car; on my own and I love it. His name is DJ. He is so pretty. I spent as much time on the beach as I possibly could and ventured to Florida for a vacation to Disney World. Things were great at this point.

In July, I got to see Taylor Swift in concert. AH. I love her, my first concert in years with my best friends girlfriend. We had a blast, even with an hour storm delay. Again, I spent as much time at the beach as I possibly could. I enjoyed all of my friends from high school and rekindled some old friendships. I spoke to people I never thought I would speak to again.

In August, I took a vacation to Seattle to visit my brother. It was great. I have never been to Seattle and I loved it so much. It is a beautiful city. Ate tons of veg food and visited touristy spots. I will be visiting again soon. I took a few trips into the city with an old friend and tried Shake Shack for the first time, delicious. The best news was the new apartment I found. It was perfect for me. I was finally doing it on my own. I was moved on and happy.

In September, I started seeing someone new. Through mutual friends we spent a lot of time together at the football games and tailgates. I love to tailgate and it was the first time in years that I had been to one. I've been to almost all of them and our last one is this weekend. My life was in order and I knew what I wanted in my life. The fall season was bringing in something new and I had officially moved into my new apartment.

In October, another vacation. I like to travel, if you hadn't noticed. We drove up to the Adirondacks in NY with 15 other friends to stay in a cabin for the weekend. I climbed my first mountain and made a ton of new friends. I realized how much I like the outdoors and hiking. Hiking, not camping. I also went to my first NFL football game to see the Giants vs. Vikings (neither which I am a fan), but the seats were in a box suite and free. It was fantastic. My situation was beginning to dwindle because when you are at two different points in your life, it is hard to stay together.

In November, one of my college roommates got married. I had the pleasure of being apart of the wedding. Another vacation to Florida! I also had the pleasure of meeting someone who is very special to me now. Things can change in a matter of months, weeks, and even days. This was the first time someone had made me feel like he used to make me feel; that sparkle, the feeling of just knowing you're in the presence of something that will make you happy. And in November, I found someone new. Someone who makes me feel like I'm worth it. I couldn't be happier, in a matter of weeks. It's that feeling again. The only problem, well, the 1200 miles that separates us. Oh, and I got accepted into my second Masters program.

In December, I bought my first real Christmas tree. I look forward to my Floridian's visit in 8 days. Yes, he's coming to visit already (yeah, I have a cheesy smile). I look forward to spending Christmas with my older brother in Seattle (another vacation) and then flying to Florida for NYE (2-in-1 vacation) to spend it with him. Fifa will be turning five in eleven days. I can not believe I have had her for five years. She is the greatest gift ever.

2013 was a constant growing period for me.
I took adventures and found out who I wanted to be, who I would want to be with, and held on to great friends.

In 2014, I look forward to so much more. So so much more.
Thank you, to everyone who has been there for me through 2013; I can not wait to spend it with you again in 2014.


  1. Your year was heart breaking and remarkable! I'm so happy for your new found love interest and everything else you have going on!

  2. I loved reading this year in review, and I'm so glad to be a regular reader who will now get to see the way 2014 reveals itself to you. :)


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