currently: february edition

Feb 18, 2014

recovering from a long weekend (still)

watching episodes of Sherlock because it is a new favorite

feeling blahhhhhh - I am so sick of the snow it is unbelievable. There is nowhere to park on the streets or even in parking lots since the snow piles are so huge.

eating over night oats with blueberries, thank you ABM

struggling my Financial Decisions class is so god-awfully boring it is difficult to pay attention, with an exam next Monday I need to get my butt into gear

searching for a coffee grinder, any ideas?

counting down the days until I visit B in Florida, one month exactly tomorrow! Yay yay yay!

catching up on blogs I haven't read in a few days

forgetting to photograph Project Life and complete January

wanting the new Studio Calico kit for March, the sneaks look amazing

enjoying Skype dates with B when he has off of work

waiting until the 55 degrees hits at the end of the week to melt the snow

researching: vintage typewriters because I want one so bad

reorganizing the living room so I have a place to be crafty and somewhere to keep my huge printer, Cameo, sewing machine, and future typewriter ;)

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