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May 14, 2016

It's been a while since I decided I wanted to go back to reading books. I love reading, it's the ambition to read that is difficult for me. Last night, I laid on my couch with my book in hand and proceeded to fall asleep with it hitting me in the face. Not ideal, but a start to the reading process right?

These are five books on the summer reading list, The Goldfinch has been on my nightstand since December and I have made it 100 pages in. It is difficult to continue reading with everything else going on in my life but I try to pick up the book as often as I can and catch up. Hopefully, it will be finished before the end of May (probably not haha).

Being Mortal - this book has been on my shelf for months, I began reading it a while back but, again, life got busy and it was put to the side. Eventually I would like to read it, it is a more serious book about real life problems but it is supposed to be good.

The Nightingale - Instagram helps me find new books to read from the peeps I follow and it is always helpful. After seeing this on Elise Blaha's feed and the great comments on how it was a great read, I wanted to give it a shot. She usually reads similar books, more like I read similar books to her.

Station Eleven - from reading the description of this book, I could see them making it into a movie in the near future. I found this from another blogger and decided I would put it in the cue of books!

All the Light We Cannot See - another on the hit list and I put this on my Nook over the summer but have not gotten to it. I started a few chapters then picked up The Goldfinch and stopped! It will be next after I finish Goldfinch because I have heard it is a fantastic book.

Have you read any of these?
Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions! I love reading books that others have already read or hear about. Word of mouth is the best.

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