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Jun 15, 2016

My passion around blogging is still intact, it s the fact that I can never find the energy to finish a post or upload photos. I find that the ones from my iPhone are much more accessible then looking for my camera cord (which is still missing). So what has life been like in the world of Sam? Besides a crazy Vegas trip that deserves its own post, a lot.

Memorial Day weekend I drove six hours to Cape Cod to visit a friend of mine. It was beautiful there and the weather was pretty on point. The drive sucked but I came back a day early to miss all the traffic going home, which was nice since I hadn't seen Liam in a few days.

Last weekend my little from DG got married! So crazy! Big, beautiful wedding in the heart of Philadelphia. The photos don't do it justice but the photographer did an awesome job here. I was even able to wear my dress from the Sweetheart Ball in February (#winning).

The weather has finally started to get warm and I was home this past weekend to be able to sit by the pool! Oh joys of having a pool at your apartment! It's the reason I pay so much here in rent. We are on the lookout for a house to buy and by we, I mean we are going to move into the house I buy. Big steps, not exactly since we are already living together. It has been a long while since being on the back of a motorcycle and it was so exciting to be on one again! A bit nervous but it was so much fun, except I need a smaller helmet. More rides to come this summer.

Overall, all is well in the neighborhood of Upstate/Western (depending on who you talk to) New York. The summers are beautiful here and I can not wait to hike the gorge, visit the lakes, and enjoy the summer with a ton of new friends and my partner in crime by my side with our pups.

Hope all is well with everyone else in the world!

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