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Jul 1, 2016

Timehop on Facebook is a bittersweet application and also a genius idea by the brainiacs at Facebook. It gives you a brief look at what itccf was like this exact day a year, two years, three-four-five years ago and sometimes those memories suck, whiles others are the err-mer-gawdd I miss that!

Yesterday was three years since I bought my Jetta.

Three years since I broke up with the person who was the "love of my life."
Three years and three boyfriends later because apparently it's hard to keep one.

But, in the three years it has been a growing period and it's nothing but happiness through those rough times. When the Vegas bachelorette party happened I was having a conversation with one of the girls, she is about six years younger than me, and we talked about life and timelines. She just recently graduated, has had one boyfriend since high school, is working full-time and living at home with parents. She mentioned how she feels like it will be so difficult to find a boyfriend, move on with life, etc etc. I chuckled and told her that at 29-years old I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up and since the time of age 26 to 29, there have been 3 serious boyfriends, almost 3 different moves, and a plethora of growing up and finding out who I was in the process.

When taking a look back on how much growing has happened in the last six years of my life, it puts a smile on my face and truly makes me see how different I am from that 23-year old who wanted to quit her job and move to California with her boyfriend to the 29-year old miss independent moving away from everyone and everything she knows. Even when I look at this blog, I started it when I dated Steve, through the break up and so much more. In the periods of my life where I thought nothing could get better, it always did and learned so much from it. We worry so much about things that only matter in that moment and not the big picture. The whole seeing the forest through all the trees, something like that. I'm learning to take a step back and decompress. The dishes will get done, the project will be completed, that vacation will be awesome, and everything in between because at the end of the day things will fall into place.

And here I am, twenty-nine and not married, new live in boyfriend in a new state with a new career. It is amazing how time can fly by and you don't even realize how much time has passed.

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