rental kitchen

Aug 6, 2016

We haven't closed on our house yet so in the mean time we are working on one of Liam's rentals. He has been prepping this house since the winter and it has taken so long! We are still not done and I will be heading over there tomorrow to finish painting the bedrooms. Does anyone want to come paint for us? With that said, we did have a friend of ours come by and help me paint, but we are not experts.

I took this before and after picture of the kitchen. Painting things white has made such a difference on how clean it looks. It has not been lived in for a few months and it is coming out really well. We are moving right along with the process and it's time to try and enjoy it instead of stressing about the laundry list.

In the meantime, I am lounging on my couch watching the men's gymnastics Olympics and women's beach volleyball. It has been long awaited and I love watching the games and cheering on USA!

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