reno week 5

Oct 5, 2016

Friday will be the five week mark for this renovation and although we have done a great job, we have not completed the bathroom. We are a little harder on ourselves than other people because everyone raves about how much we have accomplished and all we can see is how far behind we are in our timeline. As things got busier, we stopped using the timeline.

When we sit down and really think about what we've accomplished in the last five weeks, it is A LOT. Yes, we did not complete the bathroom before I moved in, but what did we accomplish?
  1. Moved all of my things into storage while renovating
  2. Cleaned my apartment (while shedding a few tears of exhaustion)
  3. Tore down a bathroom and partially a kitchen down to the studs
  4. Removed all the debris and excess junk
  5. Added new plumbing
  6. Updated the electrical
  7. Painted two bedrooms
  8. Put in new subfloor and insulation
  9. Built a new wall, drywall, and mudded
  10. Not killing each other
Yup, #10 is important. Liam is much more level headed than I am. We hit a lot of bumps in the road and roadblock. We visited Home Depot and Lowes at a minimum 30 times in the last five weeks. Thirty is probably a generous number, it was probably way more. The last photos showed how we finally built a wall, put insulation and a bathtub, and insulation. Welcome to what we have this week:

Look! It's ready for paint!

Soon, it will be painted ceilings and walls, than a floor! We have many more steps to go through but we're almost there. As one of my friends stated, so close, yet so far away. If you're wondering where we shower and use the bathroom because obvious we don't have one, his dad's apartment works downstairs and I have awesome friends who let me shower at their houses so I don't smell when I come to work.

It is going to be a very beautiful bathroom, it will be the best bathroom we have ever used since we built it. For me, that's a big deal. I built this! Really Liam built it and I supervised handing him tools, but WE BUILT THIS!

This is the project manager who keeps us in line when we get off track. She runs a tight shift.

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