reno update: bathroom progress

Sep 26, 2016

The weekend has passed and we still do not have a working bathroom.
We have to move into the apartment by Friday and we are not done but I am not freaking out (yet) because we busted our butts working this weekend. My feet hurt, my back is sore, and my shoulders can barely lift over my head. Who needs the gym when you have home renovations?

We worked from Friday to Sunday. All. Day. Long.
Friday was a 1am night, Saturday 4am, and Sunday 2am, plus we still had to get up for work this morning so when we say we're struggling, we're struggling. We are riding around on the struggle bus. It is so refreshing? Not sure if refreshing is the word for this but it is so comforting to have him by my side through all of this renovations. Liam is my stress ball and tells me it's going to be okay when sometimes I know he's not sure either. He is a work horse and knows so much more than I would have ever known.

I wish I could capture the photos in a better quality, at the moment we have been using my iPhone to take all of the pictures because it is the easiest and least expensive. My DSLR is too sensitive to dust so we don't want to expose it to the demo environment.

Thanks to everyone who has been following along, cheering us on, helping us with painting/plumbing/building, bringing us energy through ice  cream, and all the good vibes you're sending. Now here's the good stuff:

We had no floor, no wall, no anything.
We now have insulated floors, sub floors, a new wall, and insulation in the walls! Guess what? I installed that insulation!! Yup, little ol' me! Liam told me how to put it into the wall with staples, not that difficult and I went at it! You can't imagine how excited I am to say that I did that for us! Liam built the wall, pretty proud of him for that but look at my insulation!

Next up: dry wall and another laundry list of stuff we won't talk about right now.


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