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Dec 5, 2016

It has been almost a month since we last updated about how we were doing on the kitchen and it has been a steady progression. Those fixer upper shows never show you how difficult it is to plan and get over those hurdles. I understand now why people outsource and hire contractors to mud and sand drywall- it's the worst.

We decided this past weekend we would take the time to really prep and get a lot done. And guess what? We did! Liam was putting mud on the walls all last week to prep for sanding, which by the way is THE WORST. Like really the worst part about renovating is the sanding and how much dust it creates. We were smart and responsible this time, we had respirators so we wouldn't be breathing in the dust and put Fifa downstairs with his dad so she wouldn't be exposed. The masks were on point! I could breathe! Liam still needs goggles, but he's stubborn.

Thanks orbital sander for helping us out. Friday night we started around 9pm and finished around 3am, exhausted. I followed him around vacuuming with the ShopVac to try and save us from some of the dust.

Saturday, we primed the walls. Sunday we did a second coat in the morning and then painted! The ceiling and the walls! You can notice the wall has a different shade of white, we decided not to paint behind the cabinets because it was more work and more paint so we stopped where the cabinets would be. It is SO bright here! The lights bounce light off of these walls and I'm so excited for it to come together. The color we used was Distant Gray by Benjamin Moore but we color matched it with Home Depot's BEHR.

The room is so bright!
I can't wait until we can see some of the cabinetry. We still need to figure out what to do with those beams and what/how to wrap them, also what type of wood and where to get it for our shelves. I need to order the drawer pulls and a shade for the window, with all the big things happening I keep forgetting about all of the finishing touches.

Next weekend we start assembling and mounting the cabinets! I can't wait!! We almost have a kitchen guys and I can't wait to finally cook in it. No more bagels and cereal for dinner! But thanks to all of our friends who feed us and let us use their kitchens as our own :)

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