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Jan 12, 2017

The new year has started off extremely busy! The good kind of busy where you have events every night, cooking in your brand new kitchen, all of those sorts of things! But I have no abandoned you yet blog! So what's been happening in the world of OHS? What's making me happy recently...

Blog makeover. Easy peasy with the great help of an awesome Etsy shop owner. I love it, simple-clean-white. It suites me well.

Liam and I celebrated our one year anniversary this past weekend and it was super low key and a lot of fun. We exchanged cards in the morning and he totally won the card contest, hands down. He did a great job surprising me with it since he hasn't gone anywhere without me recently. He almost looked at my card while we were in Target but I caught him before any mishaps.

It was freezing on our anniversary so it was difficult to spend any time outside. We went to breakfast and it was delicious, I love going out for breakfast- one of my favorite meals. Afterwards, we decided it was time for pedicures. Liam was terrified the first time I had ever taken him and now he wants to go every few months, he loves it. It was so relaxing. We headed to the arcade in the mall where we had first hung out and looked at puppies! We had no intention of buying a puppy but we wanted to look. We did fall in love with one in particular but we want to adopt a dog and not spend $850 on it.

I was surprised with a "1-year Anniversary Starter Pack" when we got back to the house. It was the sweetest thing! We built the puzzle on the island while I put our groceries away and shouted Alexa, do this. Alexa, do that. Alexa, what's the weather. Super excited!

The Bachelor started. I know, this is a bad thing to be addicted to but it is so entertaining I can't help myself. Please don't judge me too harshly.

I started the gym back up! No, not one of those new years resolution type gym moments but the moment you finished renovating your house and you can actually have a life to go to the gym. I suck at running, but I do it anyways.

Girls night was last night. We learned that Canadians don't know that rock, paper, scissor you go on "shoot!"

So far 2017 has been full of friends and food that we can make ourselves!


  1. I'll take the puppy please! Congrats on your anniversary. I sometimes get a little too sucked into the Bachelor as well.

    1. it was so hard to walk away from that face!


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