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Jan 4, 2017

Figuring out what to do for New Years Eve is always a struggle, it is always supposed to feel like some BIG extravagant party where you dress up, wear party hats, and toast champagne at midnight.

We did wear party tiaras and we sort of toasted at midnight with red solo cups. I think it was one of my favorite NYE memories to date. It amazes me how much can change in only one year. It was a low key night with some really great friends and lots of cheese, I mean lots of cheese and don't ask us why. The boys built a fire, we vegged out, and spent time together. When we started this year, none of us were really that close and over the months we became the girls.

The girls minus one. She decided to stay in Canada, but she was there in spirit and SnapChat.

We cheers to a new year!
What type of goals are we planning for 2017?
  • Getting back to the gym, not like those people who go to the gym for the first few months and stop. We only stopped because we moved and started rebuilding an entire bathroom and kitchen.
  • Travel. Travel far or travel not so far, just travel.
  • Begin scrapbooking again, I loved Project Life and stopped a few years ago. I want to start on a minimalist version.
  • Save money. Future house or new car next year.
  • Spend more time together. Yes, we live together but we like Candy Crush a little too much and may need to put down our phones once in a while.
  • Learn how to sew.
  • Make our house a home.
  • Finish renovation projects: stairwell, stairs, third floor living area.
  • Help more with the DIY projects we make and make at least 5 of the projects I pin.
  • Volunteer our time somewhere.
  • Enjoy the moments more.

My new planner can help with some of this stuff! By the way, I love my new planner. We have so many adventures to plan and memories to make this year. I can not wait to see what it will bring.

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  1. Your New Year sounded amazing honestly. I like alcohol in ANY cup and lots of cheese ;) I thought about start Project Life back up again. However, I managed to get only 3 pictures this week. I guess if I take 3 more tomorrow, I'll be set - lol.

    Your New Year goals for 2017 sound fun!


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