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Jan 15, 2017

We figured it out!
The weekend of Labor Day, we will take our first real vacation together, Liam's first time out of the country, and we can not wait! We decided to go to Paris and we have received mixed reviews: amazing or not bad but nothing special. It came down to a few things for us on deciding where to go for vacation.
  1. Cost (of course).
  2. Our song mentions the Eiffel Tower and the Northern Lights so we decided Eiffel Tower it is, maybe later for winter we'll do Iceland.

It is so exciting for me to go back to Europe and for Liam to finally get out of the country. He may be a little nervous, he has stayed close to home his entire life and I think he needs a little culture in his life. Everyone thinks he needs a little culture in his life, a bit sheltered in that area and I am always up to travel. We will also spend a few days in Zurich, Switzerland just because we decided it would be awesome to see Switzerland!

We have not bought our tickets just yet but we priced them out last night and decided we would wait a few days. I am pretty sure this week we will buy them but we are still looking around at dates and places to visit (in case these are not the places we will visit but most likely yes). Then next steps to search for some AirBnB spots, potentially renting a car for travel, and spots to visit and things to do in each location! Any suggestions will be most helpful.

This is going to be a great year. I wish i had more vacation but we are going to squeeze in as much as we can try!

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