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May 14, 2017

Writing book reviews would not be my daytime job, I don't have a way with words like some people when they write reviews. Imagine the people who write and choose the New York Times bestseller books. Not me.

I have been reading on and off, some books really keep me going and others I only keep going because I started already. Book #5 in series of 2017 is All the Light We Cannot See. It is based in back in history during wartime. It walks you through two characters and their stories as they grow up to present day. I loved the short chapters, it kept me reading.

There was a great storyline.
Marie-Laure is attempting to make it through the war with her father and uncle, walking blindly through a new city. Werner reminds me of Liam, curious and full of technical capability. As I read Werner's dialogues, I would tell Liam how they were similar. This was another book in the time of Hitler, surprising that I have read historical fictions and enjoyed both!

This is a must read for the summer. It is from a few years ago, but worth going back to.

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