mother's day shoot

May 23, 2017

This photography thing is a lot of fun for me.
I am still trying to figure it out, what's the right exposure, is my shutter speed okay? My picture is too dark, move it this way. It comes with time and practice, so this was great! My friend Jason wanted to do some Mother's Day photos for his wife for her first Mother's Day. Perfect time to take out the new camera and snap some photos!

After looking at these photos, my heart melted with the two of them. She normally loves spending that time with dad, he's always the one to easily put a smile on her face but this day, she was not having it. We had the hardest time trying to get her to smile for us, this is why children's photography is not my thing hahaha. Her grumpy face though, the cutest thing ever. The eyebrows are key. But really, the two of them are the sweetest pair.

We tried to have her hold the letters 'M' and 'O' so we could spell MOM in picture frames. Again, the grumpy face is hilarious. We'll have to try again later. I blame the sun and the random protesters that were standing behind us as I was taking these photos. Yes, random political protests in our tiny town exactly at the spot we wanted to take the pictures! Also, the entire day was cloudy and perfect for snapping away and when we started, the sun in her eyes. HUZZAH, that's what happens on outside shoots.

I can't wait to take more!

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  1. I LOVE her grumpy face. It's SO cute. You do an awesome job.


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