cars and cakes.

Jan 30, 2012

As for the pictures of cars, I don't see myself posting anything. Why? Because taking a 50mm f1.8 lens is NOT a good idea when there are crowds of people walking around and you have to stand 100 ft away from the car (a little exaggeration). So unfortunately, I was unable to snap any good photos. Although, I did  take one picture of a car that I fell in love with- the new 2012 VW Jetta, white. Not just any white, the most beautiful white shiny car ever. Steve would remember what model it was but I do remember that it was the most expensive one. A new car for me won't happen for a long time considering I have only had my car less then a year.

On the other hand, I did snap a few good photos of my mom for her birthday. I am definitely learning with my camera and I love it. Photography has become a very big passion of mine, especially with the 365. It is completely true when they say practice, practice, practice and take tons of pictures. I did not listen to this at first and would only take one or two, now I will take 100+ photos of only a few things and take away maybe 5 good photos. CRAZY! But I am willing to learn and can not wait for a new lens. After work I will edit this post to add some pictures.

I tried to give her Fifa for a gift but she wouldn't take it haha.

$380,000 - no big deal. 

I like it! I love the way it shines.

Steve was that red car on the right, he won twice and was told he had to wait in line again for the next race because they give free games every time you win. He gave them away to young kids, he had fun though.

And tonight I will work on my Project Life so I can have it up by Tuesday! Or Tuesday night, either or it will eventually be up.

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