happy birthday mom.

Jan 28, 2012

Today is my mom's birthday! Happy birthday mom!
Steve and I came down to South Jersey to celebrate with her for the afternoon. We bought her a mini ice cream cake from the local Dairy Queen. It is fun stopping by the old DQ because when I was in highschool I worked there for 5 years, until I was in college. The owner was happy to see me and that I ordered a cake from him. Putting money into small businesses! She is on her way to her friends house since they are throwing her a party too. Instead of driving back north, we are going into Philly for the car show! Yay! I have not been to a Philly car show in a very long time so I am excited to go again. They are fun to look at and we might as well since we are not that far.

Pictures will be up soon with some cars and cake!

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