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Feb 29, 2012

The more and more I get design ideas from Sandra, the more excited I become at starting my own at-home bakery. It is something that I love to do and I really enjoy the reaction of others about how much they love my cupcakes. My favorite part is doing the actual decorating. Who doesn't love to do that?

Besides that part of my life I am doing fantastic! Last night was the season finale of Parenthood and I cried, like I always do nowadays. The episode is about some of them getting married and I think since I am in that stage of life where I think about it, it makes me more emotional. I can not wait to start my life with Steve and I am so happy he is there to share it with me. I could not have asked for a better person in my life. I read a lot of blogs and my favorite one by far, has to be Elise Blaha. She is truly my inspiration in life and I love her blog. Every time I read her entries I think, I can do anything that I want and I am going to live a happy life. And that I want to move to California more and more. That idea was already decided a few months ago, but looking at her pictures it makes me want to even more. She gives me motivation to go for my dream of my own bakery (not even a storefront, just at home/orders).

Even if I fail, I know that I tried it and I enjoyed it, I am not taking a huge risk and buying a bakery store front and quitting my job, I am trying a side business. For all I know, it could turn into something great. I have my second order with Jess for Declan's baptism on Sunday, she was my first order at her baby shower.. I have become much better since then.

I still need to figure out my website, cupcake boxes, business cards, etc. But this is fun! I like it and I am glad that I have so many friends supporting me.

Week 8 should be up by tonight or sometime tomorrow night.

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