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Mar 29, 2012

Since I spent the weekend at Steve's I had no time for Project Life-ing. I decided that I would just do it all this weekend and have 2 weeks in one post, which I see no problem with. So that is all for now, for that.

I have been looking more into photography, lenses, actions. Actions? What? What does that even mean? Right! I had no idea what it meant either until my good friend, Krista posted on my Facebook wall about different editing tools and I looked into it more. I thought it made the photos look SO much better and I was very intrigued and have been doing a lot of googling. She sent me another link about some that were a bit cheaper to buy and I think I am sold on it. The way it makes the pictures look are exactly what I envision in my head.
So I did more searching and reading and admiring. I love photography. It is so much fun and just seeing the pictures of others makes me so happy. To look at how great and creative people are, it's amazing.
I can't wait to try it out. Now all I need is subjects and places to do it.

Other then wanting to learn more about photography, I miss baking. After a crazy week of 3 orders, it has been less busy and I am craving cupcakes myself. I need to make some for tomorrow because I will have a visitor at work! And it's time to celebrate!! Friday song and cupcakes here we come! We'll see what I am up to tonight. I think some funfetti cupcakes will do.

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