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Apr 2, 2012

Here I am playing catch up on Week 12 and now Week 13!
Trying to find a way to organize what I am going to put in it seems so easy but it isn't always! I tried to use the printable layouts but then I would always lose them or forget where I put them. So instead, I use mini post-it notes on the places where I want to write and date them to remember to stamp it, if I feel like it. So far these past 2 weeks it has been working.

Week 12
I like trying to input new page protectors, it can be a little difficult with the vertical pictures but I somehow figure it out.

The first day of spring didn't look too well for us here in New Jersey, but as the afternoon came in, it got really bright and sunny. Unfortunately, it is now cold again and will drop to freezing tonight, boo.

I added the title page to the right side since it was Page Protector A. Not tons of pictures but it was an uneventful week. Fifa had another ear infection, my boss said it was going to keep happening since she is prone to it, her and her sensitive skin. We also said goodbye to one of our supervisors Adam. Later in the week, spring flowers popped up at Steve's house, I love these pictures.

My dad sent me pictures of them while in Thailand and I am so happy that they are having a great time on their retirement. I can not wait to go visit them in December for Christmas break.

Week 13

Unfortunately, you can see the slight cut out of the "12" behind the dollie haha. I didn't realize I was doing Week 13 and was caught off guard when I went to look at the dates haha. Oh well, a few mistakes; it'll make looking at this later even funnier. I have a few spelling mistakes in past weeks but just left it as it, gives a little character :)

I jumped on the bandwagon of reading the books, which I really enjoyed... the movie not so much. I doubt I will go see the rest of the movies after I read the books.
I felt the acting was very flat, didn't make me believe it as much as I wanted to. BUT that's just my opinion!

♥, enough said.


Yeah $2!!!! Our company pool did not win, but Steve and I won $2 haha. If only we could win that $640 million, maybe next time ;)

Good old Eddie came to visit us at work, he was our student worker who is now off to graduate school. We were really excited to see him. I made sure to keep it a secret until he showed up. I baked those cupcakes for his visit too. Funfetti. DELICIOUS. Those are the mini ones up there, so cute and bite-sized. They were great.

My roommates birthday is on the 4th, but most of us won't be here for it so I decided Sunday I would bake her cupcakes and we would surprise her and sing her happy birthday. She is in denial because she is turning 25. I'll be there in a month!
We tricked her, she kept coming into the kitchen and I told her I had an order to make. Her boyfriend was there as well and he made sure to keep her out of the kitchen when we set it up. She almost cried she was so happy.
I've baked for all 3 of my roommates birthdays and surprised them, I am good at this!

The last two weeks are all caught up, finally! I can take a breather on Week 14 and just slowly plan as I go along. How is everyone else doing? I want to get more supplies but between baking, photography, and scrapbooking I have to wait haha.

Some supplies I use:
PL Core Kit - Colbalt, Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher, Ormolo- shipping tags, Silhouette Cameo, AC letters 1, AC letters 2, AC letters 3, 4x6 photo layouts by Persnickety Prints (they have TONS of digital stuff- definitely visit!), chevron printable - Finding Nana (amazing blog and inspiration for Project Lifers), PSE Actions (if you are into photo editing and like actions/filters this is a great place to buy some), Epson Photo Paper, Martha Stewart glue pen, Fiskar corner rounder (I wouldn't recommend though), date stamp, Uni-Ball pens, and a One Happy Mama link up.

If anyone has some great supplies that they find really useful let me know please! :) I always like a lot of help when it comes to this.. there's always a wish list, especially since my birthday is only 1 month and 5 days away!


  1. looks like you had fun! I too have some misspellings cause well I am bad at spelling :) and as much as I want to correct it I try not to!

    great pages what you did with them!


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